Argos S**K

Hey All

i am going to bring up our favorite chant that is hated by Bob Young.

??? wtf

trying to make good and please everyone so made a new one with out the shrits

so far its 7-1 approval that the argos do s...

...omething...... lol

This chant is the only thing I don't like about being a Tiger Cat fan. It's petty, profane and demeaning to the city and football club.

What exactly are you suggesting the Argos suck? How can the Argos suck when they won the Grey Cup last? Where does that put the Tiger Cats?

It's kinda like the little dog that is obsessed with the big one. BoSox fans don't have anything comparable and their disdain for the Yankees is quite comparable.

The "Argos" chant is very unique and I always liked hearing it at Rich Stadium. If we can't come up with anything better, we'd be better off leaving it alone. TiCat fans have nothing to feel inferior about, yet this anti-chant creates the impression that we do.

That chant will well out live us all. It will be around till the end of time as well it should be. It's a Ti-Cat tradition an no owner will be able to put a stop to it no matter what they do short of pulling the team out of Hamilton.

The chant is fun, gets the crowd going and there is not one word from George Carlin's "7 words you can never say on radio or television" list in it. The forbidden word is not a four letter word! And I truly believe Bob has taken it out of context.

What exactly are you suggesting the Argos ****? How can the Argos **** when they won the Grey Cup last? Where does that put the Tiger Cats?
I believe the Forbdden Website has a comprehensive answer to this one in the History section.
It's kinda like the little dog that is obsessed with the big one. BoSox fans don't have anything comparable and their disdain for the Yankees is quite comparable.
Have you ever been to Fenway Park? I have a few times (Never to see the Yankees) and every time there I have heard the "Yankees S***K!" chant.

Oh yea, check out this web site about Yankees suc***:

...and of course, it was American baseball fans and their "disco $ucks" rally that kick-started the modern linguistic phenomenon of declaring that certain entities "$uck."

Like the argos, for instance.

Alright, so the BoSox fans use the word too. My mistake. However, it's not an institution or tradition like the anti-Argo chant seems to be.

BoSox fans have a slight inferiority complex towards the Yankess; Maple Leaf fans to Habs. It's how the rest of the people perceive the underdog that I'm concerned about. I just see no reason to feel that way about Toronto or the Argos. We should quietly feel and act like we're better, not the reverse.

My point still stands though - using that word in this context is demeaning to those using it. I'd be proud if we could grow out of this anti-chant and find some other way to keep this element of the rivalry alive.

Many disagree. However, this argument is literally and figuratively yesterday's news. See the link for the definitive word from the other side of the debate (replace the **** with the appropriate forbidden word):

[url=] ... s_Suck.pdf[/url]

the chant is forever.

It's hard to imagine Packers fans using this in relation to the Vikings or Bears; they believe they have a better team and can be smug without insulting the other team. That said, there are times when the forbidden chant is simply the most satisfying in an admittedly puerile way ... particularly when an A*&^ punches our quarterback when he's on the ground, or when they benefit from more clearly blowns calls than we do. "Boo" just doesn't have the same umph to it, and it's hard to co-ordinate 300 people to chant "wow, ref, that was a terrible call and it would be tremendously helpful if you'd revisit that particular decision, whaddaya say?" on the spur of the moment. In European football/soccer, the chants are much, much worse. The governing body has occasionally forced teams to play in empty stadiums due to the behaviour of "fans."

I don't know if the chant will ever die totally, even though last year it did seem somewhat muted the times it was started. At games in previous seasons I have even seen parents teaching their 2-3 year olds "the chant". Even though somewhat profane for a kid at that age they don't really have a clue what they are saying but I do think that it will definately reinforce that the Argos are the opposition.

Even the first 1/2 of the phrase through the years has come to signify uselessness, futility and ineptitude. Maybe Leon McQuay comes to mind at the end of a Grey Cup in 1971. From 1953 until 1990, whenever you heard the term Argooooooooooooos it wasn't meant to be a compliment.

Just two or three nights ago I was watching the Blue Jays on TV playing Tampa Bay in Tampa Bay and guess what I heard at least 3 times in the background noise, yup the Argoooooooos chant all the way from Florida. It's everywhere. It will never disappear.

Beautifully put - I could not have said it better myself!

This is a very clever bit of re-working of the historical record. But it loses all credibility with the bald mis-quote of my position in it's first page.

As the author of this piece knows full well, I'm always happy to acknowledge I have no interest in censorship of any sort - which is a far cry from trying to spin that position into claiming that our campaign to reduce the useage of the lame cheer at Ivor Wynne was a failure.

The fact that we have yet to find a cheer more popular than Oski Wee Wee is simply acknowledgement that Oski Wee Wee is one of the great and unique cheers in modern sports.

But the offer still stands. If you've got a truly great cheer that you think we should use don't hesitate to send it along.

Ivor Wynne is full again with Ticat fans who love to cheer -for- the Ticats.

The self-proclaimed “forbidden chant” is simply a negative insult aimed at a rival.

Oskee Wee Wee is much more fun, and more helpful at inspiring our team, as a cheer -for- the Tiger-Cats.

Although I do believe the chant will be around forever and a day and I also chant it usually a little bit intoxicated. I think Bob just wants to create a more friendly environment and you all know we can sometimes get a little excited when we all start to chant Agros...S**k. It can sometimes get a little negative. If we can think of a better one then okay try to get rid of it but if not it should stay

bob, with all respect, how do you reconcile the statement above with the fact that certain words are, for want of a better word, censored on this web site?

Fans of every team have their "enemies" and they all think their "enemies" suck, so this chant is pretty much meaningless and unoriginal.