Argos Rumours

Rumor has it the reason why the Argo's released all their QB's including Kerry Joseph the MVP and Grey Cup winner with Sask in 2007 and back up Cody Picket is that Jim Barker and his new crew have been talking to ex-Calgary Stampeder and 49er QB now retired Jeff Garcia to come out of retirement from the NFL and return to the CFL to play for the Argo's true or not???

It seems that Buck Pierce is a given that the Argo's are talking to and said to fans that they have some news ahead on new QB's that will become the next QB for the Argo's unless they are talking to Doug Flutie as well and he decides to come out of retirement and join the team?? You never know in the CFL!!!

An 'in shape' Jeff Garcia can still play at a high level I'm thinking. Same can be said for Flutie.

Pierce, well, excellent qb but concussion issues and I'm not sure there. :?

Yes, you never know in the CFL? But who ever would have though Kurt Warner, arena leaguer, would have done so well.

No way Flutie was coming back, 4 years ago he was on a plane ready to join them but then bailed on the idea as he knew he wasnt going to be able to handle it at that age, so like he's come back now when he is 45-46?

Garcia is south of 40 but he has taken a beating through out his career, I dont think he'd last a full season but I doubt he thinks he wouldnt.

They're having a serious confidence crisis in argo land. What better way to change the mood around then bringing in a well respected veteran... I'd be inclined to believe it.

If true, it’s a retarded move and further proof that the next Argo purge has to include Adam Rita.

Typical Toronto type move. Acquire a washed up NFL reject on the downside of his career and hope the flash will wow the masses, instead of putting the time and effort into actually building a team from the ground up.

Always looking for quick fixes, never building from within.

Rumour is spelt with a "U", as in UG2BK WDR WOTAM :wink:

We need an experienced CFL starter, like Bishop, Pierce or Jackson for a starter and a back up.
Meanwhile the third stringer finally has to be someone the team can finally develop with a long term plan, which has been missing for decades.

couldnt they be looking to start Picket and have Jeff as the 2nd? possibly to go in irregularly and help pickett out on and off the feild

The QB That Argo should Trade for is Jackson...

None of Guys They been talking to could cut it now.

' Jeff Garcia is done
Bishop, is too Helter skelter
Pierce is one hit away from Being done for good.
Just like dave was

There's only one problem with Jackson, he's brutal.

Garcia was great for Tampa 2 years ago and was cut by oakland because he wasnt going to sit quiet and accept being a back up to a fat slob, high draft pick, over paid bust, who's been a lazy slacker since the day he was drafted.

Kiwicanuk, you mean "Rumour is spelled with a U."


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"Caretaker bob has suggested we don't correct people's spelling on
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Bringing back Garcia would be a horrible move. Even if he still has a year or two in him, what's the point? Two years would be a stretch. The guy is old and not in CFL shape. It would be one more indication that something is wrong in Toronto. Pass on that one, Argos.

Flutie was the best QB to ever play in this league but a comeback would be a sad spectacle. It would be like Michael Jordan's second comeback, a shadow of his former self. That's not the way I'd want the CFL to remember the magic Flutie.

These are just rumours anyway. They'll end up with Buck Pierce most likely. I'm not sure how much that'll help though.

Former Northwestern QB Chris Malleo says on his twitter he has signed with the Argos. He's big and can run and throw.
He would be a nice back up to Garcia for a season or two while he learns the CFL pro game. He seems to think the CFL is just a stepping stone for him to the NFL. Famous last words from many US QB's that come to the CFL.

I'm sure the Argos wanted to annouce this signing later this spring. Hard to keep secrets now adays with all the new technology.

No to Buck Pierce--he's good but he has a glass head and Garcia is as old as dirt. The Argos need a guy like the Al's Adrian McPherson not that they anything to pry him away from Montreal. But please, no more geriatric retreads or wannabes.

An Argo-Cat fan

Whatever works though, geriatrics or otherwise, we'll see, camp is not that far off!

Since developing a new QB's is light years away and frankly has not been done in years by the team, we need immediate CFL experienced QB's and so far, Bishop is the only one out there.
Yes Jackson and Pierce may be available if cut and have to be in camp.
But McPherson would have to be the ideal candidate but its unlikely the Als will let him go.