ARGOS rout MONTREAL!!!!!!!

30,000+ at the Dome to see ALLEN pass 70,000 in passing yards and A.C. of Montreal have his worst game as a CFL pro.

ARGOS 31 , MONTREAL 6!!!!!! :thup:

:o :thup:

It was a great all-round game for the Double Blue!

Shame on you for not ackhowledging the generosity and giving nature of Calvillo on Saturday night.
The Argos and the Stampeders have exposed themselves for the greedheads they are. The warm and fuzzy Als' offence has been offering wins to the opposition all season. Yet, the oppostion has shown much class and politely declined.
Calgary and Toronto, on the other hand, grabbed the wins with gusto.
The least you guys can do is show some gratitude and send Calvillo a thank-you card.

I just couldn't have anything to do with a great ARGO defence who have only given up 8 points in the last 2 games , could it?