I see a very good chance that Bombers will blow Argos out of the stadium. Argos have 2 wins but lets remember how they happened. There first win was against Hamilton,if you recall Hamilton self destructed in the first qtr, had nothing to do with the Argos talent. While it`s true Argos have a pretty good D, Hamilton gave them the game in the first qtr, simply because they turned the ball over so many times. 2 of the Argos TD where simply penalty driven, in 2 cases Argos where set to punt but back to back questionable roughing the passer calls on Joseph set up easy Argo td. Argos only scored 7 points in total for the last 3 qtrs, really Argos played terrible.

I suspect you remember Argos 2nd victory! Argos played terrible, only scored 19 points, Joseph has not had a passing td in 2 games. How Winnipeg managed to lose that game is hard to figure. Argos are the worst team in the league now that Bombers have a veteran QB. (yes we know a lot of you hate Bishop, give it a break)

Other reasons I smell a blowout in favor of Bombers.....couple things Argos HC Bart whats his name said, this should be motivation for Bombers. First he says they do not fear Bishop, he is not accurate etc. He is the Bomber QB like him or not so it is a swipe at the entire team. But Bart goes on to say, Time is in our favor, they cant rebuild the wheel in one week. He says they are not worried and it will be a cake walk, I paraphrase slightly. He also says Arland Bruce really never helped the offence and will not be missed, the guy is a loser HC and will be out of work next year, mark my words. The circus continues in Argo land,hiring a coach without CFL experience and then allowing him to hire CFL assts without experience, and against the advice of Adam Rita. Argos will miss the playoffs! They are ripe for a blow out and that is what I am predicting!!! Its really not a hard prediction to make, it`s really very likely the outcome.

HC Bart is a idiot!

If Bishop starts and finishes the game, look for a blowout in favor of Bombers.

Actually, I can see that too. Argo's really aren't good at all, their D is ok at best and their offense now relies soley on McNeal and Robertson. Contain Joseph and stop the run and the game belongs to he Bombers.

We'll see. Bishop couldn't learn the Argo play book in 3 years, can't see him figuring out the Bomber play book in a week.

Ripe for a blow out, possible but not from the Bombers that is for sure, I think Toronto could even turn the tables and have the blow out the other way, you wont see any blow out by the Bombers

From Pickering Ontario I see....say no more :slight_smile:

Nobody's blown out the Bombers yet and that's with the garbage offense, heck, Toronto couldn't even score 20 points when they had the ball all game.. no blowout there

The Argos are not a very good team.. with a quarterback the Bombers should be better than them.. we'll see what Bishop can do.. but that said, I'm not expecting a blowout

I remember a certain other team that just needed a QB to get it's offense going and turned to Maas, he failed, turned to Printer's, he failed. Relying on marquee QB's isn't always going to kick start your team into a winning season. Trust me, we learned this first hand.

yea this game wont be a blowout for either team, even with a horrilbe offense the bomber d has been good enough to keep it respectable.. and bishop cant know the playbook or his recievers well enough to be that effective yet.. if bishop even has minimal success and say puts up 200-250 yrds passing i think the bombers win, just cause the extra time on offense will allow their strong defense to take a breather and wreak havoc on joseph who didnt look good at all last game... might be another slow game folks

Are you forgetting that the Argos D beat the Bombers in teir last game? That will not change in a week.

Toronto's D has some real beef up front, and playmakers in the secondary. They will eat Bishop alive.

Both teams have really good defences. So I see another low scoring game coming up.

Although I don't want to be too harsh on Kelly, as it is a long season, I think how his team responds in this game is going to say a lot about what kind of a coach he is.

...indeed piggy, this is a make or break game for team/coach unity IMO...and I picked you guys to win so if you don't I will boo your team so bad when they come to McMahon, oh, I will boo them good...if they beat toronto I'll let them off easy and just administer a ghastly scowl...

Just don't break out the "cape & tights" red :lol:

I'm hoping the Bombers can head into McMahon with a little mo, because I'm sure Huff won't let his boys forget what happened.

It could be a big game for the Bombers. Khan and Bates have had the fire lit under them from Kelly to improve their play, and I like the way Khan and Bates reacted. With reporters looking for a controversy Bates and Khan both said that "hey, we're professional players, if we can't take criticism we shouldn't be here in the first place", Khan also went on to say about Kelly, "hey he's the coach and if I'm not doing my job, I expect him to call me out on it, that's what a coach does". Both said they'd be making sure to bring their "A Game" knowing the coach is watching.

So if the O-Line has a big game that will equate to Fred Reid having a big game, and if he has a big game, that alone can be bad news for the Argos. The problem with the Argos is that they don't have any footage on Bishop running THIS offense, they may know Bishop's tendencies from last year or two years ago, but guys can change. They also don't have a "key" receiver to lock onto as nobody knows who Bishop's "Go To Guy" will be. Plus if the Argos know they have to respect the deep ball due to Bishop's arm, that will prevent them from rolling up on the LOS, giving Reid and other guys a chance to make plays underneath.

Maybe not a blow-out, but it IS hard for teams to win back-to-back games in the CFL, and the Bombers D has had a chance to fix the mistakes they made last week.

They didn't exactly have it tough with how badly the quarterbacks played. A high school team defense probably could've shut them down last week. I wouldn't be giving the Argo D a whole lot of credit for that one.

Hamilton needed a lot more than just a quarterback to kickstart its offense… Hamilton never had a great group of receivers… they never had a great defense… big difference… not saying Bishop is going to give the Bombers a winning season or anything, but Hamilton’s a bad comparison.

Bombers beat themselves! Yes Argos have a good D, but that was not why Argos won. Bombers lost because they could not complete a pass. That all changes now with Bishop. Everything points to a huge blow out for Bombers over Argos! I know I set myself up for saying that, it`s just that it is the most likely scenario. My prediction is the easy one.

.....WON'T CHANGE IN A WEEK EH.....Belli is out....with knee ligament damage after obie bent him backwards...poor fella...maybe that was a bit of revenge on Khans part for the punch in the nutz that Beli delivered awhile back....what do they say....what goes around comes around....Their offence has 'big' holes in it....especially now that Bruce is gone and McNeal is on the sulk.....It should be an interesting game... :lol:

Both qbs, Joseph and presumably Bishop have lots to prove and it should also be a bit of a pssn contest between the two of them. Both qbs can be expected to be revved up with more pressure on Joseph than Bishop in my opinion. Expectations are Argos should win, while Bombers hope to be in the mix at the end. This game has the makings of a real down 'N dirty slugfest on both sides of the ball. With records of either 1-4, 2-3 or 3-2 possible with the results of this game there is alot at stake this early in the season with a division rival.

....if I.m Mike Kelly....i'm smelling blood and ready to capitalize on it.....IF NOT successful in this one....he better check around the sidelines where he's standing to find out just where the strange smell is coming from... :wink: :roll: