Argos - Riders

What do you expect in this coming up game? What are some concerns?

For me, the 2 biggest things are:

  • a slow start.
    Even with the last 2 wins, the Riders started rather slow...scoring late in the 1st, then starting 10 points down. The Argos O has not been a powerhouse, but Jyles could easily play an inspired game...against his former team. Not trying to look/get ahead, but it is important the Riders get off to a good start to prove to themselves they can, as the will be playing offensive powerhouses in the future that they can not afford a slow start to. Also, if the Argos start strong, we do not want a repeat of their last visit. I am ecstatic that the Riders are adjusting well throughout a game, don't get me wrong, that is even more important than a blazing start, but a quick strike would be nice.

  • pinned offense.
    The thing I have seen I think every game this year is that the Riders D gives up the 8-12 yard region over the middle when they have a team pinned inside the 20. now granted, they have a big field to try to stop them, they are providing superior coverage on the outside, but the middle is money for a QB, and it has to be getting noticed when teams look a footage. In the Banjo Bowl there was one situation where the Riders pinned the bombers inside the 5 and Hall brought a blitz...I am hoping that is an indication that the Riders are reccognizing the need to mix it up a bit there to. I would leave it open a time or 2 then blitz and rotate a safety into the shallow center.

-Special teams.
Teams have been great all around, FGs being a bit of a concern. Perhaps Luca will be kicking. but heck...they made a trick play...a fake punt...even though everyone including the announcers on TSN saw the big potential for it...good to see...finally! Also, I have a gut feeling one is going to be returned.

well, the only concern I have is that Jyles is very familiar with our Offense... And our Defense if you want to really break it down.

the Argos don't have much for offense, which will be good for our Defense. But the Argos defense can be stingy at times so we will have to come out strong from the start and put 7's up on the board!

How is Jyles really familiar with our defense? This is a different D then 08 and 09, the years he was here, and the personnel is very different as well.

Jyles doesn't scare me, only thing that scares me is ourselves. If the Riders play how they can play, Toronto should not be a problem. It is that fine line where it is good to be playing really loose and excited, but if you get too loose you start making mistakes. I think Miller will keep them in check and the Riders will triumph over the Argos.

If the Riders show up and play the way they can, they should beat the Argos easily. Toronto's front four and special teams worry me some, but our D is no too shabby right now either. To make sure Riders don't beat themselves, keep the penalties and turnovers down. Watch out for Jyles' mobility. Also I think Coach Miller will remind these guys that they are still only 3-7 with a long way to go to make the playoffs. I think if they remember that, they will not have a letdown or letup in this game.

The Riders should beet the Argos, but I put my money on them last time to. Different Rider team this time around, but still.

The reason Jyles scares me a bit is that he does have big game potential...he did very well in Bomberland despite their record last year...i mean his stats alone were top notch. I think he was a little upset about being passed over in Saskatchewan, and players tend to elevate their game in these situations.

I still like Jyles, too, but he still probably is not totally game-ready, and the poor bugger has a very porous O-line especially without Murphy.

Jyles is in a tough spot. The team is very weak, so lets hope Jyles doesnt take the blame for more losses.

We still need to focus on each game. We have a long ways to go.

Le match qui veint sera du gâteau pour les Roughriders. Les Argonauts n'ont pas d'attaque. Jyles devrait pouvoir les amener un peu plus loin que Lemon mais ça fait presqu'un an qu'il n'a pas joué, et il n'a pratiquement jamais joué avec ces gars-là. Il a besoin d'au moins encore 3 parties pour se remettre dans le bain.

La défensive des Argonauts est une bonne brigade, mais à continuellement passer trop de temps sur le terrain, elle finit par accumuler les bobos et la fatigue. Mentalement, l'usure commence à se faire sentir, et les joueurs décrochent plus vite si l'attaque ne lui permet pas de souffler ou ne l'appuie pas en mettant des points au tableau.

Sortant de l'ère Lemon, ils doivent maintenant renaître encore une fois avec le début de l'ère Jyles.

Jyles ne connaît pas l'attaque des Roughriders. Celle-ci a changé non-seulement depuis son départ, mais surtout depuis le départ de Berry. Il devra s'y acclimater en se basant d'abord sur les deux dernières parties, ce qui ne lui donne pas beaucoup d'échantillons pour se préparer. Le pire, c'est que si on a vu ce que les Roughriders ont fait de la ligne offensive des Blue Bombers au cours des deux dernières semaines, attendez de voir ce qu'ils feront de celle de Toronto, une attaque qui joue sans inspiration et dont tout le succès repose sur les performances de Cory Boyd et Jermaine Copeland.

Non, vraiment, si quelqu'un prédisait 60 points pour les Roughriders, ça ne serait même pas improbable.

I don't have a problem with a slow start, as long as the team is improving with each successive drive. Sometimes it takes 2-3 drives to get on track. The team will have the 29K+ throng of fans going bananas, so the motivation will be there.

I’m beginning to wonder if a slow start isn’t parrt of the gameplan each week: you know, lull them to sleep and then go for the jugular. I jest but you know what they say - there’s a little truth in every joke :slight_smile: :thup: :slight_smile:

Cant count on the other team staying flat though. Im not a fan of the slow starts. TO is not Calgary or Montreal.

Yeah, I make my earlier comments in jest, but I agree that it is a really bad habit that they had better shake or they are eventually going to pay again ... like the first half of this year.

they better not start like that on O next week!

The O started out horrid, but came together, the D saved them! the D was top notch...getting pressure, making Jyles scramble, forcing them to run that same 1 yard play that fortunately for the Riders never worked out. The Argos brought in in deep and the Riders held...even one of those into the house could have turned the game around...hats off to the Riders.

Beautiful fake by the Argos!!

DD ran one 4 yards and got crunched in the chest...scary

The Argos little 1 yard pass was not working for them...they were like 2 for 8 or 10 on it...may have been their achilles...along with penalties.

I am not going to say the Riders were lucky to win, because they adjusted well mid-second, but I think they were probably fortunate to come out with the W.