Argos @ Riders

Make you predictions: How many TDs do the Riders win by? I say at least two. :lol:

TSN those idiots!..

they fail to tell us that the CFL game has been switched to TSN2 because of some stupid damn golf!

they don't bother to say nothing!!

:( :twisted:

good job idiots!

I think it'll be less than a touchdown difference.

I was starting to panic before I remembered TNS2. :thdn:

Time to add TSN2!

  • Mute UFL
  • Turn on Fan 590.

go argos go.... but do i have to hear mop of 2007 anymore from rod black?

yuck, Rod Black.. :frowning:

he of course, once again has to mention that Joseph was 2007 MVP. LIKE WE DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!????


Atta boy JA...........How's the crow nay-sayers

for once, i agreed with a riders fan...

C'ya Fantuz
Hello Getzlaf.....

YAY! Getzlaf!! TD!! :slight_smile:

Sure... LOL!

What else is he going to say? :lol:

It does suck that the game was put on TSN2, but as soon as I saw golf on TSN, I went immediately to TSN2. lol

Mighty quick release by Durant on that throw. Think maybe he knew he was about to eat dirt.

quick whistle on the kick return there!

Great, on top o the "MOP of 2007" crap, we get to hear Rod Black repeatedly tell us that this is Toronto's first winter game of the season.

the problem is our Commissioner likes him! :cry:

Golf is over. :?

KJ's looking good.

Hope he makes some of his detractors eat crow also

It's the Rider's first winter game this year too... I guess that's not as important for Black...

you must be watching a different game.........

he hasn't looked that good.