Argos resign more young Canadians

Well, while all the arm chair lawyers are giving their opinion on whether poor old Eric should be drawn and quartered, the Argos have quietly resigned some more of their young Canadian content.
On the surface it looks like training camp depth, although some may develop into full time starters eventually. OL's Rich Zulys (6'04 305) and Chris Van Zeyl (6.06 292) have all the physical requirements. WR's Mike Bradwell (6'03 199) and Brad Smith (6'0 190) played some last year and are still a work in process. DT Adrian Davis (listed at 6'04 260) but looks closer to 6'02, is just keeping the seat warm, IMO, for Corey Mace (6'03 290) presently with the Buffalo Bills.
That brings the Argo roster to 58 by my count. I believe only 68 players plus draft picks are allowed at the main training camp. Argos still have four other Canadian kids ( OT Zach Pollari, OG Gord Sawler, DB's Anthony Deslauriers and Brad Crawfoed) they drafted last year and sent back to University, but I'm not sure if they have to be included in the 68 or are allowed to be draft picks for another year as they didn't make it out of Training Camp.
Doesn't leave many openings for new import additions unless they are planning on releasing some veterans. I could think of a few QB's :wink:
Hopefully the new additions are quality players. DB Lin-J Shell was the only TC rookie to make the starting roster. Bart Andrus cut K Justin Medlock and DT Kevin Huntley but fortunately had to bring them back after injuries. They both could be getting another NFL look though IMO.