Argos resign Frank Murphy

The Argos are apparently going to give Frank Murphy another go after resigning him along with releasing a couple of rookie WR's. The only thing I can figure is that Andrus got looking at some 2007 game film and started asking "what happened to that Murphy guy".
Probably figures he is better then some of the rookies they were bringing in. I thought he had a solid first year with the Argos in 07. A good tough inside receiver who can make yards after a catch.
Still can't figure out the thinking of Rita and O'Billovich making that trade and then cutting both Murphy and Davis. It had to be for non-football reasons IMO.

I was trying to figure out what happened to Murphy in the '08 season.
So he was traded to Hamilton and then cut?

No, he never reporting to training camp. He basically srewed Hamilton. As an Argos fan, I have no problem with that :wink:

He spent the year taking care of family related things. I'm glad he's back with the Argos. He was solid receiver in 2007.

He should prove popular on the trips to Hamilton. 8)

Most Hamilton fans don't know who he is. Not really a big deal.