argos resign damon???

damon is old and didnt play well down the stretch the season but he did have a broken finger and he could be better and he is the only one with experience on our team, but he could be bad for the cap what do you think?

if he comes to camp with his finger healed and lookin like '05, i say the argos should sign him.

if he looks like the bum from '06, then cut him.

either way...sign him then find out in training camp and pre-season b4 cutting him.

I am a BIG DA fan ... but I really do not BELIEVE he is a STARTER anymore ... he looked ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE in the East Final ...

If he is the STARTER for the Double Blue come season - then Toronto is in TROUBLE ...


Meanstreak methinks you are right. He looked bad in the playoffs for sure. Bishop bailed him out both times, and I have never been a Bishop fan. Was it the banged up finger? I guess training camp will tell.

The ARGOS did sign him! Damon had a broken finger last year and the ARGOS had a terrible offensive line.

The ARGOS biggest problem was their offensive line , not ALLEN.