Argos relieve GM Jim Popp of duties

I suspect it is the last we see of Jim Popp in the CFL.

I don’t know; I don’t believe he’s been out west yet, unles he’s getting too old ?

And rightly so. As you said in our forum, he hasn’t done anything of real note in almost a decade, and he basically got a free Grey Cup in Toronto through Trestman and Barker’s work as GM before he took over. He got lazy and complacent, and lost the plot of how to build a winning foundation.

A little off topic, but I always find it funny how these press releases always say the guy was “relieved of his duties.” Like they’re doing him some kind of favour.

He got his a** canned, that’s what they mean. ;D

I wonder if the President of the team called him at 1 in the morning to fire him?

Chamblin has two years left.
And any penalty imposed will be precedent for the next team.

Wait! I"m not done

Maybe Trestman will pull a few strings for Jim in the XFL ;D

With Popps insane 600k off the cap books. The Argos have lots of wiggle room.
The Argos have to keep Chamblain on board to be the DC. Even if his title may be changed to possibily asst HC & DC.
If somehow they can bring Lapo in with a title of HC/OC.
Now there basis are covered.
It worked in Toronto wen Milanovich was brought in as HC & OC.
He brought Chris Jones with him as asst HC & DC.
& a young Mike O’Shea was DC.
as Well Jason Mass was brought on Board to be QB coach with Ricky Ray as QB.
So im sure Maas was involved asst Milanovich with the Offense. As no one knew Ricky better than he did.
& along the way thst crew developed not one but two! Young QB’s by the name of Collaros & Trevor Harris.
Not too bad in my book

This a good listen and paints a good picture of what’s going down in Toronto. Yes its outta Hamilton bit not bias.

O’shea was special teams co-ordinator,not defensive co-ordinator.

Thanks , They do have it wrong with some of their analysis as to what they want from Clemons .

They are looking for a change in player representation within the community and what it means to be a CFL player . That is lost by some guys maybe do to some of the past management’s ideas that this is a mini NFL which it’s not .

After the cup win you saw prominent players like Wilder who was not understanding the CFL and it’s limitations at the time and what the CFL is about . It’s a drastic departure of philosophy from the NFL .

At some point you need to address players especially some guys to selling Canada and life here within the limitations of the economic model and not just the CFL as an alternative to the NFL . You could see that with some of the mini tantrums on twitter that some guys in the CFL don’t understand what they signed up for when they came north .

Clemons and many others not mentioned is the epitome of what the CFL offers ; if you fully embrace it that way .

Also when GM Clemons tells you in his nice way to do something it will be different than when Vice chair token Clemens suggests it .

THAT wouldn’t be at all awkward for him, the players or the new HC …

Would a demotion to DC cause Chamblin to simply resign? I think that would alleviate the Argos of the cat hit.

Perhaps Mr. Chamblin showing his cards early can be played by Pinball ;D

When Don Sutherin was fired as HC of the Ticats, he was hired as DC, so there is a precedent for it.

Not suggesting that Chamblin is as classy as Sudsy, but it has happened before.

Yep - and they won a Grey Cup.
June Jones was set to do the same before be bolted.

That would be considered “constructive dismissal” - legally equivalent to firing him.


Well that was a waste of thirty minutes of my time.

Sorry that was a typo. But the point being was the QBs & Coaches among others have moved on to great things.
Hopefully we one day see Milanovich back coaching in the CFL. He was & is an Awesome offensive mind & truly the QB whisperer with the QBs he developed behind Ricky Ray