Argos relieve GM Jim Popp of duties

Pinball is rumoured to take over as team president

Popp should have been canned last year.
Pinball has been the face of the Argos for a long time, he is a logical choice.
After the season either O’Shea or Lapolice should be hired as HC.
Then watch the free agents come to this team including new QB Masoli.

This move was needed as it’s clear a new direction is needed.

Why keep Chamblin hanging on the vine? I guess he will be gone after the regular season

Anyone know how long Chamblin signed for?

Will be a real test of the salary cap for coaches/management. Popp is off the books but Chamblin and the assistants wont be.

I know Pinball coached before, but does he have any CFL management experience.
I think this move will at least bring some eyes and hope for the team next year.

John Murphy is the actual reason there should be some hope down the road. He was well respected with the Stamps and Riders in helping to find talent.

Pinball Clemons named new GM

Don’t know how I feel about this. I like Pinball What experience does he have in building rosters? As long as he surrounds himself with good football people it can work.

Would rather see him as president. Perhaps this is a grooming for that role down the road.

Will Mike Clemons be keeping his Vice-Chairmanship position? If not, GM is a demotion.


…technically yes, but it’s a way of getting him back into the actual operations end of things…sounds like his VC duties were pretty minimal…maybe he wanted to get back closer to the game instead of just being on the sidelines in a suit…John Murphy as VP Player Personnel backing up MC will be useful as Mike re-learns the GM role…

…ArgoT/ivan, as Pinball won Grey Cups with O’Shea in '96 and '97, do you think this helps win O’Shea over as Head Coach at the end of the year? Depending on how things go for the bombers the rest of this year all of a sudden your wish/dream/desire is a little more tangible…


Just saw the press conference.
Pinball will be the face or GM with the final decisions on player personnel with Murphy as the Assistant GM.
Murphy will be responsible for scouting and negotiating player salaries.
No question how Pinball will be active in the FA to include a new QB, as he will be able to sell the team.
How can you not want to play for him.

Other thing too is that he seems acutely aware of his own limits / inexperience. Not one of those guys who’s going to charge in and mess everything up because he’s too arrogant or stupid to know what he doesn’t know. As Pinball said, if he surrounds himself with the right people, this should work.

Pinner said several times how it’s not productive to be the smartest person in the room, also how it is incumbent for him to surround himself with good people.
I have met him a few times and there is no nicer person anywhere…period.

So Popp was making $600,000 a year for the Argos.

Yet the league has no money to pay the players anymore money because-just because.

Something not adding up here ::slight_smile: ???

One of the big reasons why the football ops cap was put in place.

How do you value a GM with five Grey Cup rings spanning three teams over 25 years versus, say, an all-star middle linebacker? Which one is more important to a team’s success? Which one is in shorter supply?

Good choice as GM.

Maybe Lapolice for HC next year ?

Lapo’s teams always had a fight in them .

Maybe not champions but they pushed back that’s what I remember .

I think they want consistency and a more polished approach that has some more emotional team oriented spirit that transcends over to the spectators watching .
You get that with Pin Ball and you need that with the coach .

First external forces .

Number one practice do they have a proper facility now . Never heard if this issue was resolved with an adequate Proper pro infrastructure and preferred accessible location .

Number two .

Pride Factor - Create a Argo Way . Thats where Clemons comes in with his organizational acumen and motivation . A philosophy that resembles what a CFL player is about and the community requirement ( friendly /local ) commitment needed to reacquire a higher position in the ladder within Pro sports in Toronto .

If your not Argo material then your gone .

See any other professional league in existence to see the answer to that. The athlete is always the answer, except for the CFL for some reason.

And we’re not talking linebackers here. Only 2 players in the entire league make more than what Popp does/did. We’re talking MOP calibre players who make less than that. Fans pay to see the players, not front office staff. When a guy like Derrel Walker is making just under half of what his GM is making, there’s a problem.

Chamblin has a two-year contract, but I would bet the assistants (and most assistants around the league) are on one-year contracts. I don’t see the mgmt cap as any sort of impediment in any case, because I don’t believe MLSE will comply with any rule that impedes its ability to succeed as a business. If they conclude (as I expect they will) that retaining Chamblin will damage the business, they will fire him, rules be damned. And IMO there is no way the league will impose anything other than a token penalty for doing so. MLSE is important enough to the league that the league won’t play silly bugger with them.

With Popp off the books next year, his 600K ‘cap hit’ will go far in 2020. Since Murphy is already in the origination only any possible raise would count next year and even putting Pinball’s salary now on the football ops side (unless MLSE can find a way to circumvent it), I can’t see it coming evening close to what Popp made.

They should have flexibility if they want to part ways with Chamblin, plus IIRC there is 1 mulligan that can be used every 5 years so if they need to use it on him, dealing with the assistants should be manageable.

600K off a $2,588,000 cap will be significant.