Argos release WR Sinkfield, DL Ollie, 4 others

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts announced six more cuts on Wednesday, as training camps wind down across the league.

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Hamilton should sign Sinkfield.

Now where have I heard that one before ? If memory serves me back in 2018 then HC June Jones signed Sinkfield late in the season . He dressed him for a few games and then caught flack when he decided that some guy named Addison was a better player and he made Sinkfield a healthy scratch down the stretch and into the play-offs .

He has kicked around more than one Practice squad in the NFL the past 4 or 5 yrs and in reality has really seen very little to no real game action in that time . If you look at his career stats he really has had only one productive season in the pros that being six years ago way back in 2015 .

Look I liked Sink when he was here way back in 14-15 but I prefer we look ahead to the future instead of back to the past and will have to say a hard no to bringing him back to the Hammer for a third time .

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I guess I just hold really fond memories of when he was blowing up opponent DB's in 2015 for the Ticats. He really showed some magic that year.

You are absolutely right . Sinkfield was amazing in that 2015 season there is no doubt about it . He went over the 1000 yd mark in receptions and added 6 TD on top of that . Unfortunately though as the link below will show he has hardly played and has done very little in his career since that one breakout season .

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I am guessing that Sinkfield is either past his best before date, and/or had been left out of the fridge too long

Toronto just has way too many proven vet receivers on the roster, and too many of them are import. They have to cut someone. I figured that he would be among the cuts.

This could be one of two things: 1) he's not in shape or is otherwise clearly lost a step, or 2) he's still productive but they know that he won't make their deep receiver corps, so they do him a favor by releasing him early so he has a better chance finding work elsewhere. This is common and probably the same situation with Roosevelt/Montreal too.

How long is Posey out? Sink might be a good stop gap for the Cats. Ottawa would have to be interested, maybe Winnipeg too considering Adams is nicked.

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I don't think they Cats need Sinkfield. They have an embarrassment of riches at that position.

Posey is hurt though, and out for who knows how long, so they need to at least replace the depth player that will take over for Posey.

I'm sure the Ti-Cats can find a younger and cheaper replacement than Sinkfield. As of right now the Ti-Cats have 14 recievers on their roster, so they have plenty of options. They also have Kalinic and Burt, who will line up alot at TE, according to three down nation's camp report.

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Look for either Jalin Marshall or Marcus Tucker to step into the breach as the next man up replacing Posey in the starting line-up to start the season . Both saw action in 2019 with the team . Both were mainly used in a back-up / utility role but both had several games when they were called on to start and neither looked out of place when their number was called .

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That's it, Bobo. One good season 7 years ago. He's 30. So is Tasker who had a big year in 2015. Time to move on. Maybe Sinkfield finds a spot on another club but I don't know that there will be many spots for him IMO.

banks is 33 so age doesn't really matter if one can stay in game day shape and has played lately , no doubt banks likely kept in shape while spending time with his teenage son who also plays football before he had to quartine to come here.

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