Argos release three

No surprises in Sam and Lowber being cut. Both looked slow and uninterested Saturday. Probably means Boldin will make the team and maybe Tranks or one of the little guys, Walls or Hewitt. Robinson had the one big catch that should have been a TD. Still don't know why he ran out of bounds, nobody touched him. He might be still on the bubble IMO.

Jamal must have been injured, as he didn't suit up Saturday. But as a non-import OL who was good enough to play some in the NCAA at Louisiana Lafayette he may be still in the picture down the road. He will probably still get another look, if not from the Argos, from another team in the league.

Argos release Miguel Robede. Wow I didn't see that coming. He played quite a bit last Saturday and seemed exhausted coming off the field late in the game. Maybe he still has some post concussion problems.
Rookie Gregory Alexandre should be a lock to make the club now, as a backup at DT.