Argos release three players

It was reported earlier that Joseph and Pickett would be released, and Moreno's name was just added to the list. This team is making some bold moves. I kind of like it. I hope it works out for them.

And for the other teams, there's a solid LB looking for work. :lol:

First, good moves by the Argos/Mr.Barker; both Joseph and Moreno were overrated and overpaid. With these releases,including Pickett, the Argos have reduced their salary costs by no less than $500,000 and as much as $575,000. yes,I know that these are not total savings,because these 3 players will have to be replaced but not at the same levels/costs, particularly Moreno.

Who will replace Joseph? That is the question! "Journalistes" and fans forget Adrian McPherson! If Calvillo was 5 years younger,if the Argos had a young Ben Cahoon or an Andy Fantuz on their roster and if Mr.Popp was "incompétent", then the Argos could have a chance to discuss a trade; under the actual circumstances,forget this possibility. Adrian McPherson will be an Alouette at least for the next 2 years.

Personnally,I would not be surprised if Buck Pierce is traded/lands with the Argos; if what we hear/read is true.i.e. that he is due a bonus before or by March 1st,2010,bonus that BC will not pay, then he could become an Argo. BC could release him or trade him to Toronto for 1 or 2 draft choices and possibly Etienne Légaré. We won't have to wait too long for an answer.

Let's hope, for the best of the League, that the Argos will have a competent team in 2010; positives moves so far.


i sort of understand the release of the qbs... i mean, we have all said they are weak at qb. But Zeke? the guy is awesome. and he has been with three different teams in two years. i would love it if the stamps signed him. i think he would fit in great as a Stamp.

BC might be able to use Moreno. . . so too might Saskatchewan, they just lost their MLB for the second year in a row. . .

BOOM…boy if I was Winny I would pick up Joseph in a heart beat if he was content to be a back-up.
If his attitude is right ( and I have no reason to think otherwise) then hes a much better option than Bishop to back-up Lefors or Jyles (or pick other combos).
This would be a very good pick-up IMO…very good. Hes a pro. No whining, can still play, and is a decent teammate from what I gather.
I really hope this comes to pass.

Not surprised to see Moreno get cut. Overrated and he's on the wrong side of 30.

Let the speculation on who'll be the next Argos QB begin! :smiley:

Moreno will be picked up by Sask or BC pretty quickly. As for the Argo’s new QB I heard through the grapevine Jeff Garcia might come back to the CFL for 2 seasons with a longer view towards becoming a coach.

do you have a source on that? that would be a huge story

When Moreno was traded out of the Hammer, of course there was some head scratching. Obie finally answered why he would let him go. He felt Zeke was great at tackling but a step slow in pass protection for the CFL.

Think of O'Shea in his final two years as an Argo.

I'm amazed that O'Shea is still around, he's not a young guy anymore.

Even at 40 Garcia can still play. He did not belong on the woeful Oakland Raiders who will remain as such. They should bring him on as a veteran backup up there at the very least.

A big mistake the Eagles made back in 2006, when they were robbed in a playoff game against the Saints by more home-cooked officiating, was to not cash in on McNabb and keep Garcia because he was more consistent at running the Eagles' West Coast offence than McNabb is the Eagles are stuck with McNabb also for marketing and political reasons that as a local I can get into at another time.

When I saw Garcia play at Indianapolis in one of the few games he lost as a starter, he was impressive in that game all the same. They ought to have kept Garcia and groomed the new player, Kolb, instead of the course they chose whilst they had still AJ Feely. At the very least financially the team would have been even better off if not the rest of the personnel.

Note that the very next season Garcia took his new team, Tampa Bay, to the playoffs though they lost handily in the first game. He made the Pro Bowl as well. McNabb was out and hurt most of the season. I won't get into the hypocrisy that persisted in Philadelphia from the highly uniformed homers here.

Garcia can only be system quarterback in the NFL but made more for the spread game of the CFL anyway. In the NFL Garcia has only showed his best work on the West Coast offence, which is run for the most part only by San Francisco and in part still in Philadelphia.

Definitely I would look forward to see him back in the CFL where no doubt in my mind he'll do better than anywhere in the NFL at this time.

Get Jarious Jackson to start with Garcia as a very capable backup or vice versa ...sound business decision overall and high odds that one of them will work out for the better despite the tough odds against making a big playoff impact with either guy.

That's better than getting two more unproven Cody Pickett types.

He's not. He's an assistant coach (special teams) for the rowing club.

Would the Argo's now re-sign joseph at a MUCH reduced salary.

Sorry Paolo, think Garcia is done. Watched him as a Buc, had no mechanics whatsoever. He always had a different, but effective, style. But by 2008 he looked terrible taking a snap, fading back, etc.

Why not? His best days are far behind him but he could still be a serviceable back-up.

I know 2 former UBC T-Birds players one of whom caught a lot of passes from Jeff in Calgary and is still a close friend. He was chatting with Jeff and said he wanted to play a year or 2 more but did not think he would get a shot as a starter in the NFL so would like to come back here and move into a coaching role when the playing career was over. Sorry I am not sure I should give The former players name out on a public forum although if the PM works send me one and I will tell you in there.

Garcia wants to come back to the CFL to PLAY?, he has been gone for to long, is NFL indoctrinated, maybe as an assistant for a season or two then become a O.C.

Joseph's career may be over as we know it!

I don't see anyone really picking him up.

Winnipeg is the only team that possibly would do it. but otherwise, there are no teams that truly need a 35 year old QB who's nothing like his MVP year.