Argos release statement on VP of Player Personnel John Murphy

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts released the following statement on VP of Player Personnel John Murphy on Tuesday:

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I am a huge Tiger Cat fan and normally I wouldn't care about what happened to an Argo - or to their admin. But this run in with a fan was a non-event - no one got hurt, no blood, not even bad language from what I could hear on the video. I think a person losing their job over this is an over-reaction. Unless Murphy encourage his players to go after the fan, then why was he fired?

From what I could tell in the video, it looked like he was defending himself and his players and staff from a drunken mob.

I don't think he deserved to be fired.

U guys never seen him shove the women…. Regardless fans or what not all other sports have zero tolerance putting hands on women… regardless it’s a PR move…

I did see Bethel Thompson push down a camera man after the game. To me this incident created the wrong atmosphere and contributed to the chaos Did MBT get punished in anyway? Once again, I didn't see the Murphy incident - why more information isn't being revealed is questionable - it would answer the question why he was fired.

Lost his job because of this and unlikely to find another one anytime soon in today's environment. It was the slur far more than the shove.

Following the loss, things got ugly with three separate incidents, including one featuring Murphy uttering homophobic slurs.

An executive should also be above this sort of nonsense. In Winnipeg we once had an inebriated board member, David Asper, get into it with fans. In a different time, but that didn’t look good on him either and hastened his departure.

When this incident happened I speculated that Murphy would be allowed to resign, say to explore other opportunities with Rod Black and Brent Musberger . The only surprise to me is that this did not occur. Forget about image, why would any organization want someone capable of making such poor decisions making the most important decisions for that organization? In the end, hotheads do not make good decisions.