Argos Release RB Cory Boyd; Cheap Shot by Murf

Just wondering what the rest of you think about Barker's/Millanovich's decision to gas CFL rushing leader Cory Body after just six games. It appears that failing to keep Ricky Ray vertical more often cost the exciting running back his job. Bottom line for RBs in the CFL: the starter is expected to block the blitzing defender and make his QB look good when he isn't busting up an inside gap, trying to outrun defenders to the edge or catching the rock in the flat. Apparently Boyd could only do the last three to Argo standards. I hear the Eskimos are interested; just wonder how their tailback, Cory Sheets, will take that? Can Eskimos field boss Kavis Reed teach Boyd to block up to CFL standards? Are other teams interested?

I was also completely underwhelmed by former Lion offensive tackle Rob Murphy's verbal cheap shots about Boyd, calling him a "fraud" and a "lousy teammate". Really classy, Murf. The lesson here is keep your mouth shut about events that are none of your business.

Dooger in Surrey

Boyd being released surprised me as I saw him as a threat to all the other teams. Between the lines it appears that while he leads in rushing yards, the Argos did not think he was doing what he was expected to do in other areas [blocking for example]. I've not read it spelled out in so many words but it sounds like the coaching staff told him he needed to ratchet up his game and he likely told them, then release me. I'm just guessing but when stuff like this happens it usually boils down to "It's our way or the highway for the player".

If Rob Murphy shot off his mouth like that it was totally unprofessional. Murphy would have looked like a total idiot had the Lions shown interest in Boyd's services and actually picked him up. I know there is no love lost amongst some of the players but they just never know who will be playing on the same team down the road sometime.

It appears that Boyd has been picked up by Edmonton. He's on the roster now.

" I hear the Eskimos are interested; just wonder how their tailback, Cory Sheets, will take that?"

I don't follow you. Isn't Sheets with Saskatchewan?

ya know, team forums are supposed to be for that teams discussions. This topic is already being well discussed in the general forum. Why start it here?

I for one appreciated Dooger's comments especially the reference by Murphy. Personally I don't much care to have to wade through 5 pages of comments on a particular topic. Murphy does play for the Lions and this is after all the Lions forum so I really don't see what the problem is FBYB.

I wish we went back to the old format where the Lions had their own forum accessed from the Lions website. Maybe there would be a little more interest generated from Lions supporters.

if you want lions only, go to lionbackers. On the whole, they are a more mature and wiser group.

I don't believe I said anywhere that I wanted "Lions only" so I've no idea what you're getting at. I did however say that I enjoyed going to the Lions website and accessing our own forum at that site. However, I will take your suggestion and have a look at Lionbackers as well. It is always great to exchange opinions and ideas with Lions fans.

Oops, meant to say Hugh Charles. My face is red. -Dooger

Not to worry....... I figured that was who you meant. :rockin: