argos release RB brandon burks

at 5’9" and 195 lbs he wasnt very big
i guess his kick return skills werent that great

I hope they have a plan for reinvigorating the running game. It was almost non-existant last season and now both Wilder and Burks are gone (maybe that’s a positive, but I’m not sure the poor run game can be pinned soley on those RBs).

Hmmmmm. Branden Burks was a pretty good ball carrier last year on those few occasions when he played. He carried the ball 34 times for 204 yards averaging 6.0 yards per carry. James Wilder Jr. in comparison carried the ball 92 times for 464 yards averaging 5.0 yards per carry.

Burks was typically a good value in CFL Fantasy and I’ll miss him being an option.


wilder ran far too much east-west in which he had poor spped
north-south he was pretty good

also he rarely even tried to block incoming rushers running into pass patterns, but he did have good hands
he was a big enuf body to use him as a tight end
his logic should have been block-first, then go out for a pass
not feign a block
receptions provide for much-easier-to-measure statistics and highlight reels and whoop up fans, blocks are harder-to-measure
wins are the best measure of a team and football is a team game last time i checked