Argos release quarterback Matt Nichols

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have released quarterback Matt Nichols, the team announced on Sunday.

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To CFL staff:

Bo Lokombo is a National player and not American.


If they kept him there offence would have been good. Now they have Rodgers

Big mistake to let Matt Nichols go. Now the Argos have no proven QB. Looking like they may have to bring back Macleod Bethyl Thompson again for a another stint as starting QB unless they can get Nick Arbuckle.

First Scot Milanovich retires from the Edmonton Eskimos. Now the Argos release Matt Nichols. What the F_ _ _ is happening to the Canadian Football League ? Blame it on the COVID-19 Curse !

not macbeth again !!!! he is a bad player - doesnt know how to win nor throw nor run - maybe he can go wash cars

milo is jusy a money grabber - very dishonest - i am not a edmonton fan but they dodged a bullet when milo left

i say argos shouls bring back bridge as qb - he vould act like a RB who can throw !!