Argos release QB Bridge Brandon

The Argos announced the release of QB Brandon Bridge, might be a good fit with the Ti-Cats?


We already have 3 good QB’s.

TSN tried so hard to turn him into a thing. And now it’s over.

At one time he was the greatest thing in Saskatchewan, but then again I guess that goes for every player who plays in Riderville.

Rider fans:

  1. "Durant is better than Lancaster "
  2. “Hope Durant realizes how good he has it here and re signs for less money”
    3." Always knew Durant was a selfish jerk…good riddance
  3. ( when Durant is named to Plaza of Honour)
    “Always loved Durant” standing ovation

LOL…that is so funny and true that it is actually sad. That 'Dork, has got to be right up there as one of your best posts ever and you have had many my friend.

Thanks 'pope.

Nobody in the league puts players and coaches on pedestals then cant tear em down fast enough with equal passion more than Priders.

But it’s the complete lack of self awareness and denial of this that makes it so fun to wish misfortune on them.

Someone who reads news more carefully than me, please help.

Didn’t the new CBA result in a NAT QB like Bridge finally counting towards the NAT quota as opposed to the separate QB quota?

In other words, shouldn’t this be his year to cash in, or at least be considered slightly more valuable than he was previously? Keep BB as your third-string QB and you get to dress an extra INT somewhere else.

CDN QB’s count on the starting 7 ratio, but not the roster for some reason.

Also worth noting that the Argos still have CDN QB Michael O’Connor on the roster.

Yup O’Connor outplayed Bridge - or at least they feel he has more upside and I can’t argue with that. Bridge has had three years in the league to show what he can do, and while he is capable of making good plays, he is WAY too inconsistent to be a starter at this point.
Nice move by Popp trying to shop him ahead of the cuts being made. If any team was interested in Bridge and interested in making him into a “project” to eventually start, they weren’t going to give up anything when they knew he’d be released by Saturday.
And if teams are REALLY interested in developing a Canadian QB, Picton and Chris Merchant were also both released. Merchant from what I’ve heard could be really good - as good or better than O’Connor.

It’s my pleasure to correct you…

A team that STARTS a national QB will have that player count as one of the required quota of national players. Were he to exit the game, another national player would need to enter the game to maintain the required quota.

Thanks for clarifying.

I used to think I understood the ratio rules. Either they have gotten much more complex, or I have become more stupid. Could be both.

Yeah, but what do Bomber fans think of Durant? ;D

Nope, they’re definitely more complex. Definitely :slight_smile:

Years ago, Russ Jackson petitioned the league to remove the QB from the ratio. He claimed that the rule discouraged the use of Canadian QBs as it forced teams to list the backup QB as one of their designated imports, which teams were reluctant to do. They finally did this, but the rule they implemented removed all incentive to dress a Canadian QB, which pretty much eliminated any chance of it happening.

This new rule has removed the problem Jackson stated by continuing to exclude the QBs from the list of designated imports. Teams still have the issue of adjusting players to stay within the ratio when replacing a starting national QB, but that’s something they often need to do when replacing any national player.

I still think going with the opposite approach, including the 1st and 2nd QBs in the roster count, but excluding them from the designated international rule (so a starting national QB could be replaced by an international QB without affecting the rest of the team) would have been a better approach. But this could work too. We’ll have to wait and see.