Argos Release Pefontaine

His place kicking career may likely be over but as a punter he was still affective with the Argos leaving Waters to handle just Field Goals and Kick Offs down the stretch for the Agos. I am not sure if he will make a roster out of training camp next season but if an injury should strike a team from the Kicking position he would be a safe pick up/ plug in to handle punting.

Probably jsut a way to avoid paying him a bonus or something like that. He was injured for most of the season. There is probably some kind of understanding between him and Barker.

That is very possible. You know he would like to stay and the Argos would most likely want him back in that position again as it worked out very well. ST Coach Mike O'Shea has admitted to using prefon as a player coach when it came to the Kickers while he was on the IR. They must see something in Anthony Alix as his college numbers both punting and Place Kicking were not really impressive at all. Prefon being released and coming back for a minimal salary while coaching the young Alix and maybe parlay this into a coaching job as a kicking coach.

He's not ready to give up. I wouldn't be either. Gotta keep tryin' (I guess).

Even if its not with the Argos.