Argos Release OT Jamal Campbell

At first I say wow. But his being released tell me they are going all Import at the Tackles positions. Maybe better but quite likely cheaper. I thought Martez Ivey looked good in the final game last season at RT and Dejon Allen seems to have claimed the Left Tackle spot. 2019 LT Isiah Cage is still on the roster. With a stay at home QB like MBT one needs good pass blocking Tackles. IMO the best 7 starting Canadians are 2 Guards, Center, 2 Receivers, MLB and Safety. We will see what happens. I believe Jamal will get offers from other teams in the League.

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Andrew Harris allows import tackles. Hope they find someone good. Could actually be a decent plan. Sucks for Campbell though.

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His presence in the community will be missed. Hopefully he does get another offer somewhere else in the league.

Yes Harris could make 8 starting Canadians but probably be backed or paired with an Import such as Foster.

Campbell didn't have to wait long to find work. Considerable drop in pay but only on a one year deal.

Insider Talk questioned the move of giving up Campbell in lieu of Harris over the long haul. Short term I feel Andrew Harris will have more impact and would trust in player personnel to bring in a capable import tackle for less than Campbell was making.

Could be just me but I am also suspicious of a trend of Ryan Dinwiddie giving up quickly on National players ala Michael O'Conner.

Well for sure he would have been up for trade... Teams must have thought it would be easier to offer money than to give what TO wanted for a trade?