Argos Release Medlock

8) The Argos have released Imp. kicker Justin Medlock this morning.
   Apparently they have decided to stick with rookie Grant Shaw, and veteran Jamie Boreham.

  I'm sure that Medlock will re-surface with another CFL team, probably sooner, than later !!

  Perhaps Winnipeg ????      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I think it all depends on how the prospective team wants to use their non-import to import ratio.

So, that would make Montreal and Winnipeg the leading candidates and Duval isn't going anywhere unless he suffers a huge meltdown or gets hurt.

  • paul

Medlock left to pursue an NFL career with the Redskins or the Lions I believe.

8) Yes, Medlock did indeed leave the Argos during this past off season, but after being released by Washington and
  Detroit, he returned to the Argos just a few days ago !!

  As mentioned above, he was released by the Argos this morning !!

This kid is gold. I've watched him before several games at IWS. This kid had got a hammer for a foot. Mess with the ratio..... this kids a keeper. Far better than Nick Setta last year.

Bring him to Hamilton!

Keep sandro
For Kickers and Punters 'll take a 2 Canadians over 1 American all day

Who Cares??? We have the Best Kicker in the League in Sandro DeAngles he just needs time to work in to his new role in Hamilton, give him some time and stop relying so much on a kicker in the first place, I would like to see Glenn pass for more TD’s and Run for More TD’s than worrying about our kicker. Hamilton must learn how to stuff the score down the other teams throat, I would like to see more games where it is Hamilton 54 the other team 7 total blow-outs than you won’t worry so much about a kicker??? RAM THE BALL AND THE SCORE DOWN THE OTHER TEAMS THROAT AND EAT EM RAW!!!

After another bad performance by Sandro tonight, I would not be surprised to see us go after Medlock and kick sandro to the curb

If you can make your team better....then better is better. With Medlock the Cat's become a much stronger team but I don't know if Obie pulls the trigger or not. You have to play with your ratio but in the Canadian game kicking is such a big part of the game that you can lose the close ones with sub-par kicking game. :cowboy: