Argo's release Linebacker Ejiro Kuale

The Toronto Argonauts have released veteran linebacker Ejiro Kuale.

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He wont last long on the free agent market. He will sign on another CFL team in 2013.

With TJ Hill a free agent, and getting older. The Edmonton Eskimos should try and land Kuale. Having him in the mix with Munoz & Sherritt. Thats a solid front three.

According to Dave Naylor, Ejiro Kuale was released early (because he becomes a free agent in Feb 15th), to try and land a NFL tryout.

Kuale was a leader in the locker room.
If he lands an NFL job, his presence will be missed..especially his pre-game speaches.

Kuale is a goon on par with Brandon Isaac and Adriano Belli. He is a marginally talented player and the Argos are better off without him. How the heck he’s garnering NFL interest is beyond me, but Bo Smith got NFL interest when he was one of the worst DBs the Ti-Cats had (he’s since turned in to one of their better secondary players), so NFL teams have a different set of criteria for what they’re looking for, I guess. I hope this is the last time I see his name attached to a CFL roster. The league is better off without dirty players like Kuale in it.

Not sure I'd call him a "goon" but I agree with the marginally talented comment.

Three years in the league and ZERO career sacks - - and yet the Argos had him lining up regularily at rush end. Mindboggling how Toronto was able to overcome ridiculous personnel decisions like that.

Very easily replaced with another Import. Although I'm sure the coaches will miss his "rah-rah" attitude and pre game screaming.

Has the athleticism for the NFL but as for football skills, not so much.

Gotta agree 100% ! What is mind-boggling is how the media was presenting Kuale all through the playoffs. You would think he was some kind of superstar. Good riddance !!!