Argos release Kenny Wheaton

Hard hitters like Hitch are a joy on any team. Wheaton leads with his helmut and there is no place for that crap in the game. Also, when you paste someone and everyone can see he's truly hurt, that is not the time to jump around, throw your first in the air, high five your entire team, and smile from ear to ear as the cart is brought out onto the field. All things I've seen Wheaton do. He has zero respect for other players or the game.

The ONLY thing that should matter is if Wheaton or Jordan or whomever is better than what you have. Do you really care if they hotdog? or even play on the edge of the rule book (which I don't think Wheaton does by the way).

Jordan is obviously worth a look but even at 33, so is Wheaton.

An Argo-Cat fan

This team is rebuilding if you are going to look at FA's you have to look at a 2 to 3 year investment, guys 25 to 30 are a better fit IMO. Guys like Picard, Flick, Lloyd,Wall,Jhimenez,Eiben,Mays,Fritz are the guys should they become FA should be on the radar if I was a GM.

No it wasn't Jason French at all and we were talking about a hit that Steinauer laid and said it was dirty and the reciever said that Steinauer is ok, but Kenny Wheater is the dirty one. I think the French hit was a legal hit. There are some hits that are completely legal, but they're still crappy and some players are above taking them. I don't accept his "showboating" I think he acts like a complete jerk after potentially injuring people and I hate that. No class at all. I'll pass.