Argos release Kenny Wheaton

The National Post reported yesterday that Wheaton has been released, Would he be worth a look?

Here is the link to the story:

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Argos need to get younger and cheaper.

Players such as Wheaton are exactly what the Cats need.
Experienced pro's, glue players that can help our youth.

Being so close to Toronto, Hamilton may be a preferred destination all things considered!

No thanks.

I wouldn't go there. The Cats' secondary will be just fine, seems to me the defensive line, linebacking, offensive line, and receiving corps need far more work. Get those fixed first and then you can think about fine-tuning the secondary.

OK, an All Star is not wanted on our extremely talented team.

What do people want a young team or a good team?

Might be the dirtiest player in the league. A big no thanks to this guy…

I think it would be more accurate to say that part of the secondary is just fine...

Yeah I know about the pass rush etc....but the Cats were last or next to last in most pass defense categories. First in picks but if you look closely, most of the really great DBs dont have a lot of picks, the opposing teams throw away from them.

I think the Cats should take a peek.

You think the receiving crew needs work? What team were you watching last season?? The receivers were one of the few bright spots in 08.

id rather have Younger.

Dirtiest??? That’s something I haven’t heard connected to Wheaton even going back to his days in the Pac-10. I’m sure there’s a few BC o-linemen that most would rank at the top of that list.

Obie says…absolutely not. Ken Welsh CH TV sports.

I was watching all the teams last my frame of reference is accordingly 8 teams, not one. The Cats' receiving corps may have been "bright" compared to a weak defensive line, but compared to the other receiving corps in the league, was weak. Rodriguez is a keeper but every other one would be replaceable in my mind. Cohen, Jackson, Mitchell.....inconsistent; Miles over the hill; Baumann still a work in progress.

I didn't want to bring that up, but I totally agree. Without mentioning any names, a former Ticat receiver even told me that. I don't want him and I don't think we need him. For once I agree with O'Billovich (I shudder at the thought) :wink:

Head shots, late hits...a standard part of this guys game. I agree the BC line is up there, but Wheaton try's to end careers 3-4 times a season and then dances around like a moron after helmut to helmut hits. In the NFl he'd have been suspended and fined several times a year. In the CFL it's all part of the game....sadly....

Most ex-ticat receivers in recent times weren't up to much. So I can see why they would think someone like Kenny Wheaton, who hits like a ton of bricks, was a dirty player. It sounds better to say an opponent was a dirty hitter then to say "I'm afraid to go over the middle" to catch a pass when Wheaton was in the game.
I've seen Kenny Wheaton deliver a lot of hits over the years, can't say I can remember any I would consider a dirty hit. Now if there was a rule that said you can't hit Ticat WR's too hard I guess that would be considered dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

It belongs in another thread, but if we were going to grab any Argos, I'd take Dominique Dorsey

We only like nice guys on this team.....Thank you very much. :lol:

Nice guys finish last.


I agree with the theory that Kenny Wheaton is NOT a dirty player. He happens to hit like a train,
and I like this in a football player.

I guess we can end this discussion, however, since Obie says, "No Way1"

BG: If you were talking to Jason French, I can understand his feelings. He took one of the most solid
hits in the CFL last year, another victim of Kenny Wheaton. Just my opinion, but I thought it was a fair hit and although Wheaton likes to show boat a little, I'd accept this aspect of his nature for good solid football.

If he plays for the Argos he is dirty.
If he played with the Cats he would be "Steeltown-Tough"

I would love a hitter like him in our secondary.