Argos Release Joseph, Pickett and Moreno

Quite right, 15_championships. It could lead to another interesting possible scenario. What happens if, for example, the Lions sign Printers, trade Pierce to Toronto and the commissioner refuses the trade. Pierce is then sent back to the Lions and they are now way over the salary cap. The Lions then either have to trade one of their quarterbacks to another CFL team or release him. If they release Pierce and the Argos pick him up, will the commissioner refuse the Argos' opportunity to pick him up as a free agent?

The commissioner oversee's all transaction's as far as a I know, so i'm pretty sure he can refuse the Argo's the right to sign him.

There is zero chance the commish denies a trade. Book it.


Argos (and the league) need a flashy, high profile QB and brandnames to get team out of the doldrums and at least an attempt to generate interest. Printers was made for this.

I can't see it happening either and it will be a fair trade, like Buonno will go along with just handing them a qb, unless of course the qb's name is Jackson and from the way Buonno was talking about Printers late in the year i doubt he will want to part with him.

I can see this trade happening: Pierce and their first round pick for the first pick.

If BC releases Pierce before his bonus is due March 1st and Toronto signs him. Cohon will do nothing. It would be a business decision that all clubs are making because of the SMS.
It wouldn't be anymore questionable than Winnipeg releasing Glenn so Hamilton could sign him. Winnipeg didn't want him anymore and BC is in the same boat with Pierce. Wally will try and get a draft choice for Buck just like Kelly tried last year with Kevin Glenn, but will eventually have to just release him to save that bonus money for this years cap.

8) I hope you are just kidding about that :roll:
  Zeke was washed up 2 years ago .   

  Just ask Obie !!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Between any other team, I agree.But now that there is 1 owner for 2 team's he did say he was going to oversee transactions and he has the authority to turn them down.Look it up.

Look for KJ to go to Peg and MB to Toronto haha!

I know what he said… but again, it wont happen. He’ll say it was looked into and agreed as a fair trade, but to veto a trade means hes basically admitting something wrong is going on, and for the integrity of the league he wont admit it.

I agree with Crash......any veto by the Commish will be an admission, or give the appearance of an admission, that something shady was being attempted and therefore all deals will be given the green light.

.......there is one other complication in this that nobody has mentioned (that I've seen)........that being, the almighty "future considerations" would that work exactly ?..... I mean, what's the exact definition of a "consideration" and who will keep track of them ?

richie williams. and i'm not kidding.

Timmy Chang.

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Bob Irving, the Bombers' play-by-play voice reports that Bishop will be released this week.

On a pathetic 3-15 team and almost as bad the year before, no cuts should come as a surprise. The real question is who do they have in mind to replace these guys plus Jonathan Brown, Andre Talbot, Justin Medlock, Dom Dorsey, Jordan Younger…?

An Argo-Cat fan

Zeke's biggest problem is he plays on teams that are bad & making changes. He played well last year, but the Argos are shedding the American football type of play the team employed last season.

As for KJ, the Argos can't rebuild around a 36yr old qb who has struggled in his last 2 seasons, although it certainly was not all his fault.

Younger ---> Parker

Medlock --> wasn't a cut

Dorsey --> Durie

Brown --> ? (but he is 35)

Talbot --> the younger receivers, they hope

8) The Argos have now released Import QB Stephan Reaves today. According to their roster, they have no QB's left
  now, at all  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  They obviously have something big in the works, via a trade or a big name free agent signing QB.