Argos Release Joseph, Pickett and Moreno

Looks like TO will be in need of QB's this season.

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Is a BC airlift on the cards? :roll:

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Does this mean that the Argo's have a trade up their sleeve involving Adrian McPherson from Montreal?

Or do they trade to pick up a Stampeder backup Barker is familiar with like Barrick Nealy or Drew Tate??? Im a Wolverines fan so I would love to hate Drew Tate all over again LOL.....

And do the Blue Bombers now go out and try to sign Joseph??? I do not think it has been 100% confirmed that Jyles has signed with them yet.....


I would have thought the blue team would have been building around guys like Dorsey and Joseph. But maybe they are clearing house and biting the bullet now rather than later.
Dunno where they will find a number 1 and 2 QB with CFL experience at this stage. Seems like a strange situation they have created for themselves. We'll see.
Not that I really give much of a hoot. It's the blue team after all. :thdn:

Most likely, but whoever they bring in can't be as bad as Joseph or Picket.

IMO, Joseph is past his prime and really, was only a truly effective QB during his MOP season with the Riders. Pickett hasn't shown anything to suggest he is starting QB material...But then again, they were both playing for a completely inept Argos team so who knows?! Nealy is a gifted runner who's arm and field vision have never really materialized. Tate seems to have the skill set required to succeed in this league but has only seen very limited playing time...I believe he is the Stamps #2 guy so I can't see him going anywhere unless the trade is too good to pass up, and who would be willing to take that kind of chance...Oh yeah, maybe the Argos. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if this was a bean counter decision, assuming that Joseph is in the high earning category.
Must be difficult to go from first to worst then out of a job. I always thought that Joseph was a much better QB than what he showed last year, probably the supporting cast and coaching staff had an influence.

They both stink. Good cuts by Barker.

Needed a QB last season too.

Never was a big fan of Joseph. Always thought of him as a DB playing at QB.

Joseph can still play but his days are starter are behind him..
Picked should go play in the new AFL He fits that style of game

If so, Braley SHOULD have to undergo a LOT of scrutiny (tampering)...

Not only did they release 2 quarterbacks, but they also cut zeke moreno.

I wouldn't mind having Zeke back with the Ticats :rockin:

Who fits best in Toronto?



I would like to see us try and get Jamal Robertson,the article said he would probably be gone aswell.

Jackson, because he's the worst of the four IMO :smiley:

This post from RevClark on this forum, Nov. 16/09:

"Interesting comment made on the Fan 590 this morning suggesting that Braley may purchase the Argos and Printers may be coming with him. Wow, wouldn't that make Labour Day something else next year. Of course unless Casey can bring Geroy with him I think he'll need some serious help at receiver."

He'll have Jermaine instead.

Perry Lefko of weighs in on this topic this afternoon in his article titled "Insider Trading":

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Fortunately, the deal can be reviewed and refused by Mark Cohon if necessary.