Argos Release Four

The website reports today that the Toronto Argonauts have released quarterback Tom Arth and receivers Nic Costa, Richmond Flowers and Derrele Mitchell.

Blue team releases four, the shade of white on my ceiling, the GDP of Sweden in 1965, why Allie McBeal got cancelled, pickled beet receipes...

These are things I couldn't care less about.

bring them to hamilton

Hey! I liked Ally McBeal.

What he said,

And shame on you TCTD for using the "a" word.

He'll learn, JL. I did. :wink:

Even as bad as we were last year, I don't think she could make our team.

So Tom Arth got released. You could thay he got hith Arth kicked. :slight_smile:

But I am somewhat surprised that Arth was released that soon. Considering who he was up against, I thought that the blue team would want to have him there at training camp. It is always good to have competition. But I suppose they thought he didn't have much a chance despite who he was up against.