Argos Release DT Armond Armstead

Pretty generous move by the Argo braintrust to let Armstead out of his contract so he can head down to the NFL.

So that makes Armstead, Caroll, Belli, Kuale, Boulay, Steinauer gone from last year's D.

Look for a few more cuts/firings to come with the Toronto defence.

Profesional move by the Argos. The mess this kid had to deal with it would have been tough to say no you have to stay for 3 years. Down the line somewhere could come back to help the Argos. This season they needed to add some bulk on the Dline they have to look to that dig bat who broke the grey cup. Several years from now they may need an experienced guy to help bulk up the Dline for a bit and Armstead, now a millionaire may return the favor by sticking pro football out another season and finish his career with the Argos as a rotation DT for the Minimum salary

Yes, will create goodwill in the long run for sure.

If the Argos did do this to let him find an NFL job, then now every team will be expected to do the same. It sets a dangerous precedent for the league. Not good at all.

This was not your ordinary case. Armstead was slated to be a 1st round draft pick but was mis diagnosed with a heart defect not allowing him to play his final year at USC or was not eligible for the NFL draft. The Argos pretty much knew this was going to happen in somewhat of a handshake kind of agreement. The Argos got an NFL 1st round pick Dlineman for one season and the NFL got some reassurances of his play and health condition from a profesional football league. As I said he may one day return the favor if the situation should present itself.
Thats the short version but basically what happend

Tough loss for sure. Armstead's a good guy and a solid player. Good to see him get a shot at the NFL though.

Now the agent can funnel a few of his guys to Toronto in return for the favour.

Or maybe Armstead's little brother will pull a Rocket Ismail and shock the world by choosing Toronto instead of the NFL.

It's a smart move by the organization. Now future talented players will be move inclined to sign with Toronto, knowing that the have a reputation of extending that goodwill.

Exactly Armstead himself will also steer some good players to the ARGOS and the CFL

It works in the CFL's favour. Now teams have an opportunity to get the player back before they spend his salary in free agency.

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Armstead signs a future/reserve contract with New England.

If there were any doubts about him there aren’t anymore. The Pats got a 1st round draft pick for nothing.

IIRC there was discussion earlier this offseason that GMs wanted to return to the older system of having that option window with comments that some players are not coming up here because of the mandatory 2 year commitment. There was talk earlier in the month about the bombers potentially losing Jason Vega and another player, I've read possibly Clarence Denmark or Marcellus Bowman but no confirmation on either. In the article was this tidbit

Pending CFL free agents are still under contract until February 15, meaning any deal with an NFL team cannot be made official until that date. Burke did say however that he would likely grant a player an early release to facilitate a deal with an NFL club.

The situation is a little bit different as the bomber players are about to become FAs and not under contract for another year as was Armstead. If they don't return to the old option window deals this may set a bit of precedent and put other CFL GMs in an awkward position of having to deal with players and agents that expect them to do the same.