Argos Release Davis and Filice

According to the transactions section on the website, the Argos have released former Ticats Troy Davis and Fabio Filice.

[sarcasm]Fire the Toronto GM now![/sarcasm]

Wow, look at this other people are letting guys go. Filice may be needed on the OL.

maybe davis if we get him cheap

Sad to see Troy go out this way. He's always been one of my favourites. He learned early about talking to the press and kept his mouth shut and did his job. That is so refreshing and rare. Good luck to both of them.

yeah we could get troy davis for really cheap and use him with Terry Caully back there and use Jesse Lumsden as a fullback and slotback.

The Argo's are finalizing a contract for Sean Millington. Won't be done in time for this weekend but the next game should have him listed as active on the roster.

Is it time for the annual leave-the-booth-and-suit- up-for-the game-I really-miss move by Sean?

well, sean is useless as a broadcaster anyways and is horrible at analiyzing games, plus cbc is done with cfl after 2007, and he knows tsn wont waste money on him, so now he will use that excuse to return to the game "he loves, blah blah blah" and pinball will continue his bs of praise and love for another washed-up meathead.