Argos Release Cory Boyd

Stunning. He’s the league’s leading rusher. Something doesn’t add up here.

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I was looking at the calendar thinking this is April fools?
Something smells.

The hell...? :expressionless: Definitely gotta be more to the story.

Don't f... with Milanovich...

For sure there's something more. . .must be some locker room problems with him and other player(s) and/or coach(es)

I forget who was calling the game against BC last Monday, but I do recall someone making a comment to the effect that Cory Boyd seemed "disinterested" and perhaps even hurt through the course of the game. Disinterested? That would seem very weird to me because the guy has been a heart-and-soul player since Toronto rescued him from the oblivion (his own words) that was his life. I agree, something kind of stinks here.

I don't thinks so. If Milanvich says you block. You block...

hmmm....a "interested" Boyd & Whitaker, would make a sick 1-2 punch.

Highly doubt it. Whatever it was that made Milanovich give up on him would likely be the same with Trestman.

CB must have been a problem in the dressing room or with coaches?
Otherwise this does not make sense, with his salary at $100K it is not a salary dump.

Something reeks here for sure.

It's time to go shopping:

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do's this mean that he can try out with an NFL team ???

Yes, Once he clears waiver.

The team owes their fans an explanation. Doesn't make sense. Why release him? You get nothing in return. Apparently the Argos aren't familiar with the concept of teams do it all the time.

There isn't a team unahppy with their starting RB right now. Someone has to be willing to dance.

Very interesting, whenever you hear the old 'he wasn't fitting in' you pretty much can guess there are deeper issues at work.

Looks like Cory Boyd was made a scapegoat for a rather bad all-Canadian offensive line.

It has to be something other than a carry-the-ball issue, obviously. So I agree it is likely a blocking (or lack there of) problem, personality/respect issue, or it could be related to salary. Could the Argos be looking for cap room and Boyd was the fall guy?

Once he clears waivers he is free to sign with another league. The ESKS would be the only team that I see that would be interested as they use their RB a lot in the offense and Boyd could compliment Charles as he is a pure RB where Charles is a more rounded back. Other wise unless he is injured he will appear in a UFL camp for sure.
The UFL specializes in picking up released players from the NFL and CFL that did not fit for one reason or another. The league provides housing for the players for that reason so that players like Boyd can come right in and focus right on football. His salary would be about the same as the CFL salary with all players being paid 40k for 8 games plus housing.
I always thought that the CFL should do something like this for rookies, first year players, or mid season pick ups. I know that players help each other out with housing but the CFL may draw more players knowing that this is in place and it would be one less thing they have to worry about. If a player sticks than finding housing for the next season would make sense but at least paying for housing of a first year guy would make sense and more players would be interested to take a shot.

I am sure that there will be more to come with Boyds release. I would Imagine that they have a couple of import lineman coming in to help protect Ray and get the passing game off the ground consitantly. For whatever reason Boyd did not fit the offense which is a pass oriented offense which would include boyd to be a good blocker and receiver as well as a runner.