Argos release Cleo Lemon

Arash Madani just reported on the fan960 that cleo has been released. this is only minutes old so i have no Internet article yet. check out later today for the interview.

yep, i read it on facebook on the argos page.


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i would say this will be his only stink in the CFL. perhaps the UFL can find a place for him. he still had more wins then K.J. in toronto.


It's about time. Lemon had PLENTY of opportunities to prove himself. He just doesn't have what it takes to be a CFL QB. Put Jyles in there.

the argos have officially called it a season with this move. they are going to use this season as a pre-season towards next year.

i would say cut bell as well. that guy is terrible. i have never heard of the other guy they just signed.

If Zabransky is still willing to play CFL football, offer him a tryout. but i had heard on the radio he is really hoping to get back on an NFL roster.

i agree. cut bell, too. sign casey printers! i don't care how bad his attitude is said to be. atleast he can move the ball down the field and is exciting to watch.

Printers played injured last year, and went for surgery pretty much as soon as he was released. I have always been one of the few who is Printers supporter. HOnestly, there are a plethera of QB's that Toronto should be offering tryouts for, especially going into next season.

Bishop(i couldnt resist lol)

Not the greatest bunch of names, but honeslty, bring someone in who can at least make the game fun to watch.

i agree with Leak as well.

Lemon completes 11 out of 15 passes, no INTs, no TDs.

Bell completes 5 out of 16 passes, no TDs, and FOUR interceptions.

So they release Lemon and keep Bell.

Go figure. . .

I agree. Bell needs to Go. i cant believe that guy ever played university ball. I think they should have just nocked Cleo down a level for a bit. Barker even said in the game isnt wast his fault, but couldnt take out all 12 players. They could have developed him more, but how much time do you want to develope a 30+ year old QB? i always supported Barkers idea of firing every QB he had and starting fresh. but if you do that, you need to invest a lot of time into them. Lemon still had more wins in 1.5 seasons then K.J. did in 2 full seasons.

You have to get jyles in there. when you give up your first round pick in the CFL draft, you better justify it. the first and second round picks(and now the third as well) are very important. with the CFL using the multi media attention avenue now, people get real testy when they lose an early round draft pick for nothing. if need proof of that, read draft forum from this year.

Lemon completes 11 out of 12 passes, no INTs, no TDs, and 3 ridiculously easy balls that were dropped by receivers.

This is a joke. The Argos are using him as a scapegoat for bad playcalling and a bad receiving corps. I doubt they win another game all year... and with apologies to the fans in Toronto this team doesn't deserve to win another game this year. Barker's gone senile.

you guys fail to realize that Jyles is actually capable of being a starter. he proved it in Winnipeg until he got hurt.

he will definitely help this team, even with the # of injuries that they have.

Like some have said, Bell after his fiasco of a performance should also be a gonner.
Stubborn Barker should have other QB's in camp as mentioned, for sure leak, Zabransky and Trafalis.

We’ll see how he does when 15% of his passes are dropped by the receivers. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO you could take any QB in the league, put him on the Argos, and they’re still a bad team.

I don't agree with this move, if any QB had to go it was Bell, he is awful. Barker is clearly in panic mode now and needing a scapegoat to take the heat. Barker perhaps is also in need of leaving, he gave the last game away by keeping Bell in there interception after interception. I kept asking myself why just give the game away like that as I'm sure alot of the Argo players were too, especially the defense. At least Lemon gave the team a shot at stealing a win.

It's definately time to say bye bye to the offensive coordinater as he sux, did last year and again this year. Why keep him around Barker? I'm pretty sure Barker has lost the players now and won't survive the season. Not sure if O'Shea gets promoted to head coach but I'd say there's a good chance.

One more move I'd make too, sorry Cope but I don't see where you have alot left at this stage of your career. The hands are still there for sure but you can't get open. Time to try someone else there too.

I wonder if there weren't some factors at play besides just his stats.

Like perhaps his behavior when he was pulled. As I understand it, he didn't grab a clipboard, help out in any way, or even stand near his teammates. I heard he just went to the end of the bench and sulked. Kind of a Printer-esque move, but without the talent on field. If this is true, its definitely a lack of leadership, and he would have lost the room.

Another possible factor could be that Barker saw the effect of a big change in Sask, and wanted to duplicate that. As GM, he likely wouldn't fire himself, and the DC is already gone, so who is left to make a big statement with? Cutting Bell wouldn't do it. The starting QB is about as high-profile as it gets.

Also, I don't know about the salary cap implications. Someone else can address that. (Blue Blood -- you're usually pretty good at that stuff. Depop, too.) Do the Argos save significant coin by cutting him now, instead of later?

I suppose it's also possible (as someone suggested to me this morning) that Lemon just got sick of it and quit. I don't find this likely, but it is a remote possibility.

As for Bell, I think you will see him gone soon after Jyles gets fully up to game speed. It's tough to cut BOTH qb's at once.

I agree with bringing in Zabransky, or Leak. Not so sure about Printers...he may just be more of the same. Hard to say.

I would say that is a pretty good analysis , hit-em-hard !

I was a little surprised when I saw the headline but not that broken up. I supported Barker last season for sticking with his guy instead of panicking early, but this season was more of the same. He showed flashes, but he was still inconsistent. And I didn't like him going off to the side to pout because Barker pulled him out of the game. So I say good riddance. Now Barker needs to find some receivers for Jyles to throw to.

I don't get it why use Lemon as a scapegoat, not sure what the Argos expect, did they honestly think lemon would be able to step in and tear defenses apart I think it's unfair to put that on him. they should have kept someone like a Kerry Joesph around for a couple of years to learn the game from. If I was a young QB I would not want to play in Toronto. I can see some other team picking him up maybe the BB.