Argos release Butler

Argo release Butler, Davis

I know they have Bishop and KJ… but this still comes as sort of a shock.

I think they should have traded Bishop for some help at another position. Rocky gave us a fighting chance in the games he played.

Bring him back to sask!

It's a surprise, especially the way he came and filled in.
I would have thought at least they would have let him compete for a spot at camp.

So he can hold a clipboard for another 5 years? The Riders need to see which of the young QBs in camp now can actually play.

Crandell is young?

...I believe he was referring to Durant, Tate, and Jyles...

Yeah, the only QB in Rider camp is Crandell... :roll: :roll:

Butler would be a great pickup for riders. He has shown he can win and he has the experience. He can add some depth to riders very very weak quarterback situation.

But they already traded for Jyles. It'd seem like a waste to pick up Butler and make him the back-up.

I always thought Rocky was to Sas. what Buck pierce was/is to B.C. Surprised he was let go and then let go again by the Argos.