Argos Release Brown

According to an article on the Toronto Sun website today, the Argos have released veteran defensive end Jonathan Brown and are apparently in the hunt for a new quarterback. The report also states that the Argos will go with Eddie Johnson as their number one kicker in 2010 and appear unlikely to make an offer to free agent Sandro DeAngelis.

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They have quite a few FAs that they need to re-sign so it seems this was done to dump some salary. They have re-signed Cetoute and Fontaine. But as that article says, FAs that they have are Willie Middlebrooks, Will Poole and Jason Shivers on defence and Dorsey, Robertson, Reggie McNeal and P.K. Sam on offence.

It was also said in that article that they are looking for an offensive lineman, but these are the only ones available:

Player N/I 2009 Team
Ryan Donnelly N Blue Bombers
Jocelyn Frenette N Roughriders
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux N Tiger-Cats
Marc Parenteau N Roughriders

It seems they will have holes to fill regardless of what happens.

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Brown's been a mainstay there, interesting. New qb, well, I can see that with KJ's salary and what he can bring to the table now it seems.

Didn't Brown suffer a back injury last year that kept him out of action for a while (or was that another Argo defensive lineman)?

Back injuries can be reoccurring and career ending so perhaps Argos see him as damaged goods and not likely to last much longer.

He missed quite a few games last year because of a bad back and he'll be 35 this season. Not a good combination. As a vet, he must be making a decent salary too.

I think he's done.

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