Argos release another star player

I think the CFL should go back to their previous agreement with the NFL of the option year, and quit releasing players. Inman, Collaros, Ball. Who's next? Maybe Ricky Ray would like another crack at the NFL. He's better than a lot of the QB's down there.

Yeah, not sure how I feel about this one. I understand testing the NFL waters, but Ball was still under contract for another season. Possibly sets a bad precedent and takes some legitimacy away from the contract.

I agree this one was kind of strange. It diferent to let a guy go who is going to be a FA in a month anyway.
Even the Chris Williams situation was a bit different he just came off of a record breaking season as a returner and was planning to sit out no matter what knowing pretty well that he would get a contract in the 2014 season that would likley come with a signing bonus if he had to wait the whole season.

Ball has been great but has he been that great? This was his option year I guess so the Argos officially did not exercise the right to his option and let him go.

I guess all in all it wont be too bad. Aaron Maybin will likley line up at DE and Shane Horton will move back to a more familar position for him at Will LB. So the replacements were already there under contract and could have used the extra cash to lock in Emery