Argo's release Anderson

Could be that the Argo's are freeing up some cap space for the NFL cuts.

Could be the Argos finally figured out why the Riders so easily gave him away for nothing.

Wonder if that's it for Anderson, or if someone else will take a chance on him?

Well since you ask.......Ottawa is one of the few places he hasn't played yet on his cross country tour in the CFL.
Not too sure though if an expansion team needs a guy with a ton of baggage and a penchant for wearing out his welcome
where ever he shows up,but saying all that it wouldn't surprise me if "Loony Tunes" Anderson ends up in a REDBLACK uni. :expressionless: :roll:

Not sure if it's a matter of taking a chance on him, I haven't seen anything indicating it is a behavior issue in Toronto. He is a veteran that has talent and maybe on an expansion team, he might take to a mentoring role. Based on the needs of the REDBLACKS, if it were me running the team, I would take a chance. Really what do they have to lose at this point.

Wonder if it's because he's NUTS :stuck_out_tongue:

A roster spot on a player who's more trouble than he's worth on the side of the ball Ottawa is least in need of help. They need help on offense. If they could score TDs, if they could sustain some drives, if they could control the field position battle the defense would be on the field far less and have far better 4th quarters. Ottawa has a very good defense for 3 quarters then runs out of gas late in the 4th because of an offense that can't hang on to the ball very long.

Dwight Anderson has more penalties than tackles this season, ZERO with the Argos, and is playing the worst ball in coverage of his career. Not sure what is going on...Anderson is better than this. He also exploded on the coaching staff. Vet compensation cut-down time looms near.

McDonalds might give him a job :wink:

We’ll he sacked Durant in Regina, so I think he must have had some tackles. I see him going to Redblacks. Last chance.

A sack is not a tackle...but great, he has brought down one player for the Argos, gained at least a major a game, and is getting burned continually. His antics have always been somewhat tolerated because of his stellar play, but for whatever reason that has taken and inexplicable downturn in 2014.

he has 3 tackles on the season, all with the Riders.

…oh I truly hope the ORBs do not become the elephant graveyard of throw-away veterans…

Err, what? Anderson had 27 tackles and three sacks in seven games with the Argos. He's been playing well. You may be mistaking the glitch on his profile that doesn't show 2014 TOR. If you click on 2014, you'll see his stats. They are also mentioned in the article here.

Thanks...that is really weird. the only reason I had referenced it was TSN talked about it on-air and it corresponded with the stats sheets. Crazy.

IMO his play is still way down compared to normal though coverage wise.

Everyone talks about how good Anderson is, but his behaviour is a problem. Then everywhere he goes they say his behaviour is not a problem. Then they cut him. This is the same pattern that occurred in Calgary, Montreal, Saskatchewan and Toronto.

And yelling at his coaches? IIRC, he did that in his first CFL game with the Ticats, blowing up on the sideline. I remember thinking, he won't be around long. Well, he's still around, and still pulilng the same crap.

That said, the Cats need help in their secondary. :smiley: (JK)

or maybe he can be put to use putting out fires at THF rather than starting them in the locker room :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

He could be done at this point. Ottawa I doubt will take him at this point. They have in recent weeks released a couple of veterans to make room for younger players.
TJ Hill was playing well at SAM LB but after the first third of the season wanted room for Pruneau in the line up. They also released Seth Williams also played well and reshuffled the d back field to look at younger players at positions better suited. They did move an import from HB to safety with Pruneau taking the ratio starting spot and Fraser moving to a second safety and more of a teams role. So HB being a tough positions for new import DBs getting a veteran at that position could be possible with the release of both veteran's. Balancing a veteran at a tougher HB spot for the current season while still developing younger players.
Jones did take his top DB from Toronto with him. The Argos did have a starter last year who signed in the NFL who may becoming avaialable as well as some neg list players that Jones got on the Argos list who could be avialable as well.