Argos release 12

Clearing the decks for Willie Jefferson it seems. Mostly pending free agents gone that they probably weren’t going to bring back or felt they wouldn’t be able to sign E.g. Sean McEwan. Mincy and Trumaine Washington might be worth a look. Otherwise?

In years past I used to look at other teams cuts like a hungry dog when they see a steak.

Now seeing this list there is some talent that would improve the Cats but meh…pass.
Except maybe if we want to sign a punter for camp.

Pinball isn’t messin’ around ! There will definitely be a new team in Toronto . The league needs

the Argos to be competitive . I wouldn’t bet against Pinball.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Looks like it’s a Double Blue house cleaning by Pinball and company !!! ;D

Didn’t we used to say it was easier to fire one coach than all the players? Apparently, Pinball is doing both. New broom is sweeping clean.

McEwen must be devastated.

The Calgary Stampeders have signed national offensive lineman and Calgary native Sean McEwen to a two-year contract.

Good move on the Argos to get rid of their best players along with their duds.

An alumnus of Notre Dame High School and the University of Calgary, McEwen spent the first four seasons of his CFL career with the Toronto Argonauts, earning the Boatmen’s nomination for the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman award on three occasions. McEwen was also twice Toronto’s nominee for Most Outstanding Canadian and he was a CFL all-star and the East Division’s Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman in 2017. He dressed for all 72 regular-season games during his Argos career and was a member of Toronto’s Grey Cup championship team in 2017.

Don’t understand that one for the life of me. They must have known he would sign back with his hometown team and/or couldn’t afford to match Calgary’s offer. Maybe big Willie J. can play offensive and defensive line?

Canadian K/PZack Medeiros– pending free agent

Not the greatest, but a National that does both jobs is valuable.

Of course they knew. Calgary swooped in with an offer on Day 1, and it was likely a big one. McEwen is from Calgary. They clearly decided they weren’t going to try to outbid Calgary, likely knowing that even if they did he would almost certainly go home anyway. So they moved on. He’s a huge loss but that’s what happens in free agency – teams lose guys they hate losing.

Well, that’s one possible explanation for the way things transpired.

I offer an alternative one: Argos Suck!

Also quite likely lol.

Thing is, Argos have ditched 3 veteran Canadian O-lineman inside of a week with Tyler Holmes also getting the boot yesterday. Maybe they feel some of their younger guys are ready to step up and/ or they employ 3 Americans in the oline. Still pretty tough to rebuild and get a bunch of new guys all working together in a year. Those 2 qbs they have aren’t too mobile. Toronto doing what they do best - chasing after bright shiny objects like Willie. I hope they have a damn good scouting dept cause right now I see average linebackers, below average dbs, below average receivers (esp. if they lose Walker and Edwards), no running back. A lot could change over free agency and maybe they bring in some great young blood and prove me wrong. But I wouldn’t say its looking good at this point.

You could below-average QBs. I don’t think anyone would rank either of their guys among the top 6 in the league.

Question is, do two below-average QBs add up to one really good one?

Dunno. Maybe if they’re both on the field at the same time?? Could line up Nichols at slotback where S.J. Green used to be.

They had better surround either of these guys with some better talent or it could be a very long season. But maybe lightning strikes and they rework some of that 2012 or 2017 magic. Argos are like that every so often

The thing is Richards and Simba looked much better than Holmes and Bomben at the the Guard spots. Campbell looks to be the future at RT and they will be looking for an import at LT. I could see them going after Coture to man the centre position.

Richards and Simba looked good in the final two games, but they were meaningless games. I liked what I saw but I would not pencil them in as starters based on such a limited body of work. Richards looked rough when he played earlier in the season.

It was a meaningless game but it doesn’t change the fact that the two rookies looked better than the two veterans. When judging a player you look at where they are at the beginning of the season and how they improved by the end of the season.

They will probably bring in Blake and draft the RG from Buffalo to compete with Richards and Simba.

All true, but the sample size is too small to anoint them as starters. Yes, Richards improved from the start of the season, based on how he played at the end. Simba presumably improved as well although we never saw him play until the end. And yes, neither Bomben nor Holmes was very good all season. But all that still doesn’t mean Richards and Simba are pencilled in as starters yet, altho they might in fact become starters sooner rather than later.

I said they would compete to be starters, never said the starting job would be handed to them. Right now Bladek, Blake, Foucault and Coture are the only national lineman with experience starting in this league.

They may play an international at one guard spot and go national at the other guard, centre, right tackle (Campbell), wideside receiver (Ajei), weakside linebacker (Lokombo), defensive end (Smith), wideside cornerback (Woodson/Boateng).

I didn’t see you say anything other than they played better than the vets, which I suggested was an observation based on too small a sample size. No one said you were handing them a starting position, but I did say twice that I would not pencil them in as starters based on the last two games.

Projecting the ratio is a challenge at this point because we don’t know the full roster, but I am guessing their seven “true” NATs will include two of the six receivers and h-backs (two of Cross, Cibasu, Adjei and Gittens, or Brescacin if they sign him), a maximum of two on the o-line (Campbell plus TBD), one or two on the d-line (Laing and Smith if Laing re-signs; Smith otherwise), one at LB and one or two in the secondary.

I don’t see them finding three “true” NATs capable of starting on the o-line this year, given that they lost their only really dependable one and let two other veterans leave. If Couture signs, then it might be possible but still involves an unknown commodity.

Behind Campbell there is potential but not proven ability. If they are really committed to protecting the QB (which I think they have to be since both guys are not scramblers), they can’t take chances by throwing guys in who aren’t yet ready. Maybe Simba and Richards surprise me but I think a likelier option is they go with one true NAT on the o-line, use two of their three naturalized NAT spots on o-line (along with two INTs) and go with either two NATs on the d-line or two in the secondary. Either way I think they are going to have to start two in the receiving corps, which is why signing Adjei made so much sense. Brescacin would add additional flexibility.