Argos reintroduce the boat logo

Long overdue IMO.

Don't mind the blue football.

Argoshop/Real Sports will be getting a visit by my credit card very soon!


About time although I prefer the color scheme of the 1980s.

Good to see it back.

Meaning the prominence of the light blue?

That's the one

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There is already some merch in stock:

Personally I prefer the shield but don't mind the boat. I just hope it helps the team beyond selling some merch. Time will tell.

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FTR, the Argos featured Cambridge Blue unis for two seasons, 1975 and '76. That shade of blue has been prominent only as an accent or alt since then.

Boat logo Looks good and may help with sales as the minimalist A or the word Toronto alone is not going to suggest they are talking about the Argonauts to non fans .

Too bad they did it the same time they went retro with the Leafs uniform .

Yeah, that is pretty cool.


Not sure why they got away from that look.

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It changed in 1989 when they went to the dome and the owner went with ARGOS short form word mark .

It was ill conceived .

The Argo owner's choice at the time I believe .

And the hits keep on coming (Bad owners).

He might have thought he was in college with that look.

Thankfully it only lasted 2 seasons.

I'm surprised it took this long to bring it back after so many different owners the team had. It's been in the works with MLSE shortly after they completed the purchase. In that sense, I'm glad they didn't rush it either.

In the late 80s/early 90s so many teams went away from good logos just to go back. The Islanders look was the worst move IMO and it still took some time to get it right again. Sabres moving from their traditional look was bad too. Took them 2 changes to get it right again

Goes show how owners take fans for granted even breaking with tradition of changing logos and color schemes along with relocating franchises.

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I think they could have modernized the concept a bit more, or at least added stripes to the ball so it looks like a Canadian football. Having said that I'm glad for the change.

As a fan of Β«cartoonishΒ» logo who still mourns the disappearance of the Alouette's angry bird, I'm glad that the Argonaut's boat comes back.


You know it's a different kind of year that the Argos outdid the Leafs yesterday.

Those things are hideous

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Yikes. That's just not good.

Great to see the boat back


Some form of the Boat Logo has always been my favourite. Glad to see it finally back.