Argos reduce seating capacity, ticket prices and also cancel tailgating at BMO

Argos axe tailgating as part of 2018 changes

David William Naylor
During first year at BMO in 2016, the @TorontoArgos campaign was all about tailgating. There will be no tailgating at Argos games in 2018. Costs associated were not worth benefits, according to new Argos prez Bill Manning. #CFL #Argos
8:25 AM - Apr 9, 2018

David William Naylor
The @TorontoArgos will close off the upper east side of BMO field, creating a capacity of just under 20k, including suites. Idea is to create better football atmosphere. #CFL #Argos
8:23 AM - Apr 9, 2018

David William Naylor
Press of @TorontoArgos Bill Manning said goal for 2018 is to add a few thousand fans per game in “actual attendance? and sell-out the 20k bowl a few times. #Argos #CFL
8:29 AM - Apr 9, 2018

David William Naylor
:heavy_check_mark:@TSNDaveNaylorManning also said there will be ticket price reduction for @TorontoArgos. Last season were priced higher than @torontofc. #CFL #Argos
8:37 AM - Apr 9, 2018

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The @TorontoArgos season ticket base is currently 4,200, up from 3,600 last season. Renewals tracking at about 80 per cent. #CFL #Argos

Not a big fan of any of these changes but especially no tailgaiting. Good thing my truck has a tailgate!

Not sure if this is possible, but why not have the cameras face the west side. I know the sun may be an issue but at least they'd be facing the full side. Perception is reality.


------> #BringBackArgoTailgate <------- Post, tweet, retweet. This is the only type of thing that might get MLSE's attention.

Very true

Btw those season ticket numbers are horrendous.

Also, how in the blue hell were Argo tickets more expensive than Toronto FC tickets?

Someone clearly dropped the ball onthat one.

Know your marketplace Argos

Unfortunate to see that the defending Grey Cup Champions have to reduce seating capacity. However, many people on this forum have mentioned issues with ticket pricing, so a reduction can’t hurt. Kind of silly to have had higher ticket prices than TFC when you are competing for the casual fan.

Cancelling organized tailgate? As long as they don’t block private tailgate parties in the parking lot, there shouldn’t be an issue. That is actually the fun part of tailgating. Did that a number of years in Calgary for Stamps games.

Sure, let's cut out the one thing that has given the Argos good publicity off the field, because why not? Argos are always going to Argo. What a joke. Enjoy another season of 1/3 full stands, guys, you deserve it. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the Jays' attendance has taken a massive dip so far in this young baseball season (16-17k against the Sox? Haven't seen Jays crowds that small since early in the decade) so the Argos should be doing everything they can to grab those people. But no, I guess 13,000 fans in a sea of red empty seats is acceptable to them. Well, it's not acceptable to me. If the Argos put in all the effort and the people don't show up, that's on the people. But cutting a great draw garners no sympathy for me. Enjoy red seat day at BMO, plenty of great rows available!

Based on their ticket sales, they just prefer to keep people grouped together. Makes for better service and a better atmosphere. Just give it time. They have solid ownership now that would not even notice the Argos losses on their bottom line.

The tailgating can still go on it just won't be sponsored or controlled by the team .

No laws stopping people from listening to music , eating and having soda pop in the parking lot on their own . It just won't be organized with a bar by the team .Usually tailgates are fan driven not team driven .

The price reduction needed to be done year one at BMO .

It was also announced PIN BALL Clemons is back and is an official ambassador of the Argos .

The reduction of the upper deck which I don't like maybe a good thing if it comes with a reduction of prices to get people out and make it affordable for season tickets . Filling up the park and feeling a comradery .

They might know what they are doing after all . MLSE seems to have a handle on things .

I didn't use the tailgate so this is not big thing for me.

The price reduction and less pricing categories should have been either done in year 2 or at lease at the beginning of this ST campaign.

A mid sales season drop is almost reminiscent of slashing the Grey Cup pricing but it's at a good level now.

Sucks that the base is 4200 right now but they're easily the best value in the city now.

Great new video of Pinball and the Argos history vid playing in the background .

As much as it's a storied phrase for the Argos (Pull together ) goes with the argo boat theme understand that but its kinda awkward this day and age when it can be used for other meanings in a joke .

When I see that on a shirt I think no way I will wear that phrase someone will jester
with their hands pulling something else . Definitely don't want to be standing in a circle at a tail gate with the chant pull together . The comedians won't let the phrase mean row the boat together as one like it was intended .

No way to put a positive spin on this.

Wow I just checked out season ticket prices for the Argos what a difference .

If they did that season 1 at BMO it might have made a huge difference .

I wish Ottawa had prices like that . What a bargain . You can buy two season tickets for $ 318 . If there is a playoff game thats 15 dollars a game (no exhibition game ).

The reduction of the upper deck seats and then covered over, will make me feel all warm and fussy.

Or NOT!! Gee,s make it a happening. Young children section. Something

Team organized tailgates are lame and as posted here by Area 51 a year or two ago, the events were underwhelming. Better to have tailgates that are organized by fans.

Those season ticket numbers are pathetic considering the Argos won the CUP. I knew they wouldn't be that great unlike some of the Argos homers on this site who continue to make unrealistic predictions of season ticket numbers and average attendance, but I would have thought something over 5,000 would be attainable.

Shame on you Toronto!

yes, shame indeed. That's why I cheer against Toronto in every other game/league. Go Bruins

Anything to make this not some rowdy thingy is good with me and more for people not wanting to go to say a TFC booze young people alcohol experience.

I say the Argos are doing EXACTLY the right thing to poise themselves opposite to the soccer experience at BMO. Brilliant actually even though sure it won't bring the group of 20 year olds who want to go to BMO to get wasted and act like, yes, they are wasted.

Brilliant! I say. Hey, as long as people can go to an Argos game and have a beer, this makes total sense and again, brilliant!!!!

Some will get my point, few for sure, but some will. Bingo for those that do. Hey, you can't compete with the drunk young atmosphere of TFC but what you can offer is something different while still allowing alcohol. Again, brilliant! Make it as family oriented as possible while still allowing people to buy a beer. Again, brilliant because the Argos do know, as I say, they can't compete with the boozer TFC young people more non family friendly soccer thing. But if you want to go to an Argos game and get wasted like many soccer fans, you can still do it. 8)

Au contraire, ST numbers are up roughly 17%, with a couple months still to go. No way to put a negative spin on that. :smiley:

This is actually PURE POSITIVE IMHO. Completely agree PTBO.