ARGOS really suck , as well!

CONGRATS to B.C. :thup:

GREAT GAME for you! :thup:

ALLEN , came back but whole ARGOS sucked. It will take him along time to pass MOON if he keeps playing like that. But lots of dropped balls as well. :thdn:

NO O-LINE :thdn:

MONTREAL , is next on Thursday. OUCH!!!! :cry:

The only great news for ARGO fans was that they had their highest crowd of the season 28,000+
with out WILLIAMS and on a STAURDAY in JULY! :thup:

Hey , at least we scored more points than HAMILTON did. :lol:

GO SASK. GO!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE? :lol:


I wanta be prefect again!

You go Kanga, must be nice to be perfect..
Played a hunch n loss on a pro-line ticket, boo Toronto..

sry to hear that, I'm doing the same on the Riders, hopefully they will not let me down.

Well done , I need to be 1 and 3 :lol: :thup:

Now can you shut up , MR. SUITOR. :lol:

A Q.B. is NOT the same as the other players being hit in the head. WYNN , was in the pocket not rolling right. :roll: :lol:

i left at 12 mins left in the 4th qtr...after damon got picked and bc returned it to the 1 yard line...that game was completely uninterestling.

What makes the quarterback so special? It's a football game. Why is one player more valuable than any other on the field? Receivers go up for the ball leaving them exposed but it's okay to ram them in the ribs or shove the running backs' faces into the turf. Sacks are part of the game and if you don't want to get hit, get rid of the ball or buy season tickets.

the QB is suppose to be the "leader" of a team. :roll:

If the leader doesn't have anyone to catch the ball or hand it off to he's out of a job.

It is called roughing the passer and in both the NFL and CFL it is a pen. :thup: Q.B.s are more important to a team than any other player.

I know what roughing the passer is. And, yah, if it's intentional, a suspension or fine is called for. But why only the quarterbacks? You try to hurt a player, any position, the penalty should be the same.

It is not the same. Q.B.'s sell tickets and is the most important position on any team. :thup:

Hitting the Q.B. in the head with your helmet is illegal in both the NFL and CFL. :thup:

So I guess Ricky Williams isn't selling tickets in Toronto.

Ididn't say a viscious intentional hit was okay, I said that an attack with intent to injure on any player should be treated equally.

WILLIAMS , isn't selling tickets , as the ARGOS had their biggest crowd of their season , when he wasn't playing. :thup:

ALLEN , was back. :thup:

Hitting a Q.B. with your helmet to his head is an attempt to injure. :thdn:

You can hit a Q.B. just as hard in his back , his stomach/chest or legs. :thup: Those are legal hits in both the NFL and the CFL.


well done :thup:


Thank you Lions and congrats on the W.....keep pounding those eastern teams, except for the Bombers of course.....

Nice work!!
And I wouldn't blame you for thinking this Friday's game is already in the bag. With a gimme like that in the sched, you could not only be Prefect again in week 8, but possibly Proconsul or even Grand Imperator!

Actually, I could see this one turning into one of those patented Hamilton vs. Winnipeg double-DQ matches, especially if it gets out of hand early. At least its too hot for the 'Peg fans to bombard the opposing team with jagged ice chunks, as is their occasional wont.

the qb touches the ball on every play (unless it is a direct snap) and gets the ball to his playmakers...for a team to be successful they need their starting qb to be healthy..look at toronto at the beginning of the year...they lost damon allen and have been crapping the bed..he came back but is still rusty from missing all the game action

players arent getting fined our suspended for sacking a qb, they are getting fined and suspended for illegal hits to the QB..hitting helemt to helmet..or low shots (like ed phillion on damon allen)