Argos 'Real' Home Opener vs. the winless Riders

The Argos finally get a home game. Did a quick check of Ticketmaster and the east (home) side of Rogers Centre that the TV cameras face actually looks fairly well sold. The west side on the other hand - not so much. Maybe they'll get a good walk-up and move a lot of those seats.

Crowds of 20k plus will be considered an accomplishment this and thankfully the last year at the crap dome.

This is a good Argos team, certainly better than anybody expected, hopefully people in Toronto realize how good this team is.

At least the Jays play earlier in the day.

Braley has really killed the Argos and Lions.

Happy to see him let go of the Argos at the end of the year.

Now lets make progress on him selling the lions and someone fixing up that franchise.

TFC plays at home at 4. Argos may lose some fans that dont want to do back to back games.

I wonder what Chris Ridge is up to now .. Lol.. His proclamation that he wanted to put 40k in the dome seems super ridiculous now... Can barely get 10... So so sad.

Finally! Week 7 and our home opener.

Any word on if the Rogers Centre roof will be open?

I get it tho i would hate to sit on an angle at the 50 yard line.

Rogers or argos somebody should go look were sorry 50 bucks for last year at rogers center for any good ish seat if there is one there. It sounds nauseating to me to be at a football game there.

Bc place at least was built for football and when me and my buddy went last season it was epic on the 35. Usually that part of the stadium is always jam packed anyways in both sides. Unless they havent released all tickets yet jt looks likea huge amount more tickets sold for the alouettes and lions game on the thursday. Me and my orher buddy decided to go hope others just happen to decide, we are purposely walking up too not buying before.

It would be nice if argos could get a boost this season they are playin decent enough with trevor harris, i dont know why other than bmo field is nicer outdoors and by the waterfront why you would go and now i know why you would as i was typing that lol. But still no love towards a final skydome argos season at all? Did the skydome ultimately hurt the argos but help the blue jays while exhibition was better for argos? Maybe they shouldve just gone seperate ways make a bmo field like stadium at exhibition back in 89 too who knows. At least its fixed now and hopefully people start packin bmo for argos

I dont think rogers would want to give such a luxury. I heard theyre only allowing fans to drink the rest of last years beer shipment, no washrooms after the 1st quarter, and if youre a rogers customer and you use data at the game you will be charged double on your bill next month lol :lol:

How many seats are open? That looks almost like 20k with that upper deck lookin pretty sold all the way around

Haha.. You are looking at it backwards... The blue dots are not sold.. The clear ones are sold... Except the ones in the end zone aren't even for sale, so they aren't sold.. There is about 10000 tickets sold... Maybe 11.. I guess the Argos could just do a TFC and say they sold 26000 or whatever.. But, make no mistake. This is a TFC sized crowd

Got an eerie feeling.

2011 Marshall's 1-6 Riders visit Toronto just before the bye, lose and fire the coach.

2015 Chamblin's 0-6 Riders visit Toronto just before the bye ...

Lol, free WiFi at the Rogers Centre this year.

Actually Rudge meant that he wanted 40,000 in the dome paid attendance for the entire season , not per game. :wink: :twisted:

So they only have like 20-25,000 seats open then?

Either way it should be an interesting game. Riders be mighty desperate now.

They havent sold the upper deck for a while now.

I think his saving grace is that he won a Grey Cup as a head coach here. That and the pile of injuries this team has accumulated over the first 6. It would seem hardly fair to pin that solely on Chamblin.

The game tonight should have a good crowd with the recent play of the Argo's, new ownership, I would think probably
5-10,000 in walk up alone with it being a nice night for football and the roof most likely open? Probably around 25,000 plus in total one of the better crowds in recent years for a home game anyway.

Riders are in desperate need of a win, could be an interesting game or an Argo blowout of the Riders?


The Rogers Centre roof Is closed! Barely a cloud in the sky.