Argos RB James Wilder

Argos have a new running back in James Wilder from florida state.

He had a huge first game for the argos helping them beat the eskimos.

He is everything that Gable isn't he has breakaway speed ..he ran for 190 yards

He has been with them all season. The guy is a beast. The Arblows had no GM or Coach but managed to put a lot of talented players together in a very very short period of time. As much as I dislike the Trestman and Popp, I like their how they have worked together and scout and sign players.

Gerbear, we don't start threads trumpeting Arg* players on the TiCats site, it is tabu! :-[ :-[

As long as Wilder wears blue, he sucks

In fact the word Arg*s is not even allowed to be used in this forum. It is bad form! :frowning:

Suggested terminology would be
Arholes, Arrghgos, Arnots, Argosucks, etc.

The two things Ticat fans hate the most:

  1. When other teams employ players that were once on Hamilton's roster

  2. When other teams employ players that have never been on Hamilton's roster

Number #3 As a huge Tiger Cat fan I get pissed when other teams such as the Arblows find quality football talent such as DE Butler, RB Wilder, DT Laing and we don't. Scouting is a huge problem and it needs to be addressed immediately.

I prefer to use the the blew team. blew, as in the past tense of blow, aka suck.

The team that sux just to the east of us have employed this new running back all season and before last week he had 172 yards in 11 games avg. 15 yards a game.
Now he went off last week against the John Chick led D line of Edmonton more than doubling his season output.
Bad D or great running back?
One week does not tell the story.

I would like to think that there may be an exception to that rule if the post is some kind of injury report…

Not saying I enjoy seeing guys injured. But if a starter needs a few days off for a stubbed toe, then it is what it is… ;D

We recruited Lenard, Coleman, Aultman, Castillo, Jalen Saunders. I am really happy with these guys.
Lets boast about them.

That would be looking at a positive. Why would you do that when there are so many negative things that you could be talking about? (again and again and again)

I'm in danger of a bromance with Richard Leonard :D. A real find.