Argos rated 3 most popular team in TO

Toronto Sun survey, has the Argos voted as the 3rd most popular team in TO. Jay’s #1 then Leafs #2, followed by the ARGOS, TFC and Raptors don’t make the cut

ARGOS should be # 1 :thup:

:thup: Agree

I doubt the credibility of the poll results, if any team is ranked higher than the leafs.

Using TV ratings and attendance, its actually leafs, Argos, jays, raptors, then burried under the rocks somewhere, TFC.

I would tend to agree with drummer. The Leafs are always sold out. The Raptors seem to draw rather well, as do TFC. The Argos, on the other hand, seem to have trouble drawing more than 25,000, which, in a stadium that seats over 50,000, means it's only half full.

Being from Montreal, we know all about football not selling. For that matter, there was a time we didn't even have football. A shame, really, as the CFL is very entertaining. You guys did much better this season. If you get your QB position sorted out, TO will have a whale of a team for 2011. Hope the Argos draw better; it sure would be nice to see those seats filled!


In fairness, the Leafs have Bay St. all sown up -- I doubt anyone who goes to the ACC these days realizes that there's hockey going on in the background of the business convention...