Argos radio

What is wrong with this picture?


The has a hockey show on. Apparently they forgot to update their office calendar from last year. Either that or it's very overcast in Toronto and their sundial isn't working.

Good thing CJAD Montréal is on top of the situation.

On a brighter note the Argos are 2-0 in preseason!

But seriously, if the Argos want to be taken seriously stuff like this has to stop. They need to keep their website up to date and their broadcasters have be on the same page as the schedule.

Argos win and 36,000+ where at this game :thup:

Not heard on any local radio station here.
I was flipping like crazy and started with the so called broadcaster Team 1050.
I heard the usual crowd and the nonsense talking about hockey and the upcoming soccer game.
Now tell me please how this is anywhere remotely important to covering the Argos and even in the pre season?

Wow... I don't know the Toronto situation that well other than it is generally bad. I would not be too pleased with my broadcaster if they ignored my games (pre season or no). You can't make the general media pay attention to you in Toronto. However, your official broadcaster should! I would be curious to know what the organization itself has to say about this. (I hope the Argo fans do!)

If the Argos ever reach some semblance of hip in the that town, I hope that the organization remembers who it's friends and enemies were. There has to be enough room on the air for the Argos to have a voice that takes it seriously... Maybe TSN can take what they do on TV and apply expand it to their radio. But again, I don't know the market.

Looking at the sched you posted...Am I to assume that some games are only webcast and not even over the air? If that is the case, that is pathetic.

No respect from Rogers Centre (You couldn't make the Riders successful in Saskatchewan if the games were on Tue and Thurs all the time. Fri, Sat and Sun. That should be it!!!!!).
No respect from their radio broadcaster (ignore part of the sched)
No respect from the media in general (Competing interests i.e. Sportsnet, MLSE have the dominant voice in town)
No respect from the NFL "football" fans in town (Are you really a football fan or a hype consumer)

I SO want to believe that Chris Rudge can right the ship... There has to be 30,000 people who will come out wind rain or shine if you give them the polished professional product they deserve.

I have veered off topic...

That schedule appears to be from last year. It simply hasn't been updated at all. Ironically, on the right side of the page there is a schedule of upcoming games that is actually current, which only proves that nobody from the Argos organization has even bothered to look at this page.

As for the FAN. If I were the Argos and I actually had a choice, which I'm not sure the Argos do, I'd be very, very upset with both whomever is responsible for the website and with the FAN. I mean the Argos are going balls out to make this a GREAT year, and this kind of mickey mouse crap really just gets in the way.

The Grey Cup page needs updating also !!

I take it all back. I must apologize. That schedule isn’t from 2011. It’s from 2009! :roll:

Looking for the stats from last year's Grey Cup game or playoffs on the CFL website? They deleted them earlier this year along with all previous year's playoff stats. Hard to believe this league can stay in business. :roll: