Argos radio coverage

I thought I would use my Iphone and listen to the Argos and Bombers last thursday so I could enjoy the first regular season game of the year. Now I only listened to about 5-10 minutes of the Argos game, but I was a little put off. Not of the Argos, not of the TSN crew, but how the game was explained at times. Listening, I didn't think it was a Canadian broadcast. Some of the references I heard, I swear I was getting some American reception. This Canadian crew, located in a Canadian city, referring to a Canadian team, in the Canadian Football league, continually referenced the differences between the American and Canadian football game. Really. Did they have the American rookie players who have never played a game here in the booth?
I get Toronto has alot of entertainment options, but having the broadcast of the Argos explained as if it was an American audience, just ridiculous. Perhaps this is what the radio crew feels they need to do, but it is just sad.

If it was the Toronto TSN 1050 broadcast, the it would have been Mike Hogan and Jeff Johnson doing colour. I didn't hear the game, but Hogan is a great play by play guy (even though it's for the Argos) and experience radio host. I have always liked listening to him. He is also big fan of CFL, CIS, NFL NCAA football. Johnson on the other hand is in his first year in radio after retiring from the Argos, so he is still finding his style.

I fine most CFL broadcasts slip in the differences between the two games from time to time ( I find it annoying too.) Being a TSN show, maybe they had some link with ESPN or it was for the benefit of the friends and families of the new American players who were listening online so they had some idea what was happening in a game with different rules and not being able to see it on TV.

We really can't forget that many of the players are from the states and their friends and family want to follow the game too. This helps promote the game and bring players to Canada. So, I think it's kind of necessary that they explain the rules. Besides, there are young Canadians who don't necessarily know the rules either. It's probably just us jaded old fogies that get annoyed because we've watching/listening to games for decades.

As a matter of fact, during the Sask/Ham game my girlfriend's 20-something son had to get me to explain the rules just so he could figure out what was happening.