Well it's bad enough for my Argos to get no respect here in the city, but again it was a kick in the teeth if you wanted to listen to the game on Fan 590, the supposed all sports radio and which holds the team radio rights.
In summary, several times during the season the Blue Jays have bumped the Argos down to the intenet only version of the radio statio, basically being family and friends.
So with the BJ season now over for a few weeks you would think no more conlict, right.
Wrong, yesterday the crappy MLB Series involving the Rays and Phillies took over and again bumped the Argos down.
Oh yes, the MLB with no local interest had to have drawn flies only as being a "dog with flees" versus the Argos in Vancouver.
I would like to know how the station manager, one Nelson Millman could have made such a decision.
But wait, no doubt the party line is "contractual commitment". Not good enough, as the Argos contractual commitment is also involved. Plus, I would love to see the radio numbers for the World Series which noone is watching never mind listening to.
Bah humbug as again, the self professed "World Class Crap City" is showing it's US only sporting mentality.
Maybe when President Obama is elected he will annex Toronto and its crazy citizens to include Mayor Miller, the worst politician around.
Good riddence.

Now that is low

PS...... Fan 590 is the same station which carries Sunday games for the Buffalo Bills.
I would love to see if the Argos and No Fun League Bills had a conflict. Don't bet on the Argos.

Well I was a little ticked too. Daaa how many radio & TV stations have to cover the same event.

I wanted to listen to the game online...(I don't have a TV) BC radio had the hockey game on & well you know where Toronto was.

In the end I missed the game. $50/month for internet fees & I can't even listen to a football game on a radio station. I wonder how many different options I had to listen to/watch that baseball game?

How's this for an do there own online radio broadcasts?....Can't rely on others to get it done.

2008 & we can't listen to a cfl game?

Ya I am pissed.

I can't listen to football on radio anyway. Doesn't translate for me.

This is a shame but the way it's going to be there probably. But, as we all know, some great CFL and Argo fans there!

Fan 590 is owned by Rogers and ratings mean nothing to them if they can get the opportunity to stick the CFL in the eye. They pre-empted half an Argo game earlier this season for a taped talk show, which they claimed had "contractural obligations" over the Argos game. I find it hard to believe in Canada's largest city and media mecca they can't find one radio station that could carry the Argos games?

Rogers, who withdrew their advertising support of the CFL this season, also bought the Lions radio station, but at least they get shunted to another radio station if the Canucks are playing. They have cut the pre-game shows, which were 3 hours long in previous seasons for home games, down to one hour for the last two games. The station is just rife with NFL babble, usually with at least 3 boring NFL segments in every 3 hour block of programming. Talk or hype about out-of-town CFL games are totally non-existent, except if they can find some nit to pick on..."The CFl is so stupid and bush leaque for... (you fill in the blanks/)

On Rogers SportsNet they showed the highlights of the single CFL game yesterday as the LAST event on their nightly sports show...yep, in the 29th minute of a 30 minute show. The CFl is Canada's number two league with regrards to ratings, so you might think they might show CFL highlights earlier in their sports show? No, Rogers doesn't care about ratings when they get a chance to kick some sand in the CFL's face.

It is no wonder why many Canadians assume that the NFL is TEN times more popular than the a CFL in Canada.

Here is a perfect example of HYPOCRISY.
Wednesday the FAN 590 aired the Raptors over the MLB potential final game and advertised how they would join the game in progress after the Raptors.
Ted Rogers at work?