Argos QuarterBacking situation:

any news the last two months about Crouch up in Argoland?

Many nebraska fans are currious about Eric and his progress up there.

Still working on being able to watch the CFL in Nebraksa!

Crouch has signed, but wobn't be availble for many interviews until training camp, twon intrerviews he has done can be found on the argos website

thanks, when is training camp starting?

a little less then a month month

Has anyone read if the Argos have made it official that Bishop is not returning? Hope so....that would mean with White and Bishop gone, all we need to see is Winnipeg cut Tee Martin loose and then we are rid of three worst CFL QBs of the past few years.

It's not official, but i'd bet anything he will not return

Argo QuarterBack Situation:
I am convinced that there are some good Canadian QuarterBacks that are sitting in the wings waiting for a call from a CFL team.Macs QuarterBack of (05) is one that comes to mind,i don't know his name though but i know that he was CrackerJack in the OUAA!.Aucklander

rumor has it the the argos are close to signing tony graziani of the philadelphia soul in th arena league. it'll be a short term deal


If Graziani happens to get in some games and looks good, Wynn or Crouch may develop an upper or lower body injury when Damon gets back.

Argos sign Darnell Kennedy instead of Graziani. I guess it makes sense short term as Kennedy has some expierence and played for Austin in Ottawa.