Argos QuarterBacking situation:

Will the Argos go after another QuarterBack to backup Damom Allen or will they stick with M.Bishop!.Pinball better make up his mind soon.

Bishop has been proven to get the job done when it counts. I don't think TO needs a QB at all.

ARGOS WIN , AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Allen's contract that he signed last year only for one season? Or do you guys still have him for 06?

esks123: I'm pretty sure he signed a 2 year deal.

As far as Bishop goes, the CBC commentators pointed out on Saturday that Bishop signed a 2 year deal with the Chicago Fire of the Arena league, and they might have a problem with him playing for the Argos. Who knows what might happen.

Toronto will probably be getting Ray from Edmonton...

OK so Ray is going to Toronto and Maas is going to Hamilton according to those here, so whos going to QB Edmonton then?

maas is staying with Edmonton.

Spergeon Wynn will go to hamilton since hes leaving winnipeg :frowning:

I really hate how there's so many rumours about maas going to hamilton after the season. I wish someone would just tell us officially whats happening. I really hope we do keep maas over ray though.

I heard that Edmonton getting Troy Davis was just the first part of the big trade that would see Maas going to Hamilton after the season ends. Eskimos wanted to keep him until then in case Ray gets injured.

DAMON , will play 1 more year!

A little off topic, I know Andre Ware played for Toronto & Ottawa, but i've read he played for a 3rd CFL team, anyone know which team it was? Thanks BS95F

BS95F, Andre Ware played for Ottawa in 1995, B.C. in 1996, and Toronto in 1997.

Eric Crouch could still be in the cards for the Argos if he has finally got the NFL out of his system. He has the tools to be an outstanding CFL player but will need learn the game first...if he had come up two years ago when they wanted him he would probably be ready to step in a play some this year.

Damon is still the man!

Damon Allen may still be the man for another year with the argos...but I can't believe they are not actively doing some planning for his replacement. I don't think Bishop is the guy and the fact he signed a two year deal with the AFL means he doesn't think so either. Charlie Peterson looks like he has the tools to play in the CFL, but we won't know for sure until he gets to play more in pressure situation. As I've mentioned before Eric Crouch could have been ready to be the number 2 guy and be ready to see some significant playing time this year but that didn't happen and the argos have to move on.
I think the man they would like to have now is Casey Printers but it now appears he going to give the NFL a that situation may be on hold until it is cleared up what happens after Casey's NFL workouts. I don't think there's any doubt he will get some offers, but he will have to decide if he wants to be a clipboard holder for the NFL minimum which is around 300,000 Canadian or stay up here and play for around 400,000 per year.
It would be painful for the argos to obtain him in a trade...I've read Prefontaine and Fletcher are coveted by the lions and it might take more but it will be a block buster if it ever happens. Prefontaine would be difficult to part with because of his talent and non-import status but the Baker situation might facter in. Mike Vanderjagt has been quoted as saying he would like to finish his career in the CFL, maybe we will find out if he is serious. He's the only one out there who could replace Prefontaine without the argos going to an import kicker.

Well Printers is now out as an option......

Surely Damon can't play 'till his 50 can he????

So agreed the Argos have to line someone up. Maybe Khari Jones for a year or so, he's available....


Bring back Stanley Jackson!

Michael Bishop has proven to me he is incapable of being a starter in the CFL. He has had numerous chances for the Argonauts only to to be a classic example of a guy who can throw the ball deep but get picked off 3 times per game. I can see the Argonauts offering Casey Printers a starting deal he cant refuse after he cant secure an NFL job. With Damon Allen potentally his mentor in 07, it could be very exciting


looks like Crouch is the man to be groomed to be Allen's replacement.

Would think that he'd do good to learn all he can from the veteran. Couldn't ask for a better pairing of master and apprencice IMHO, but I am a "Husker"man!