argos quarterbacking situation

we need a qb. if we add buratto our offence would get a nice kickstart

Id Say Michale Bishop. With all the money KC spent on Printers they may extend him for one more season as official Clip Board holder. If Printers gets released, then I think the Argos would be the front runners in trying to sign him, with Hamilton and Winnipeg a close second!


at first glance, id say him. but if there is an obviously better QB at camp, go w/ the talent

If Printers returns to the CFL he'll probably ask for, and end up making in the same range or more than Ricky Ray does($450,000 +). Can you still fit under the cap with that much salary?

i think we will be able to find a way and plus think of the difference he would make!

I think Plan A for the Argos is Casey Printers.
Plan B was probably Jeff Garcia, but now that he has had some starting successes again he may be offered another contract in the NFL.
Plan C would be stay the course with Mike Bishop and Damon Allen.
Plan D...could Doug Flutie be talked into giving it one last shot for Pinball with Damon as a alternate?
It would make for interesting media attention in the US.

I am a Rider fan so I voted for Bishop. I don't want the Argos to get Printers (I want the Riders to get him) but actually expect that to happen.

I think the most feasible option would be to sign Printers.

Damon's age is starting to finally catch up with him, as evident in his lackluster 2006 performance. Bishop is still on the hook to the Kansas City Brigade of the Arena League, unless the Boatmen draw up a compensation package. If not, Bishop is tied into them until the end of their late-starting season; which means, Bishop won't be wearing #17 until close to the Labour Day game. And Flutie, as much of a dream that he might be, I think he doesn't want to come back and fizzle out like Damon did last season.


Damon's age is starting to show. If you can't get Printers, you go with the best qb you can find (even if that has to be bishop). Or... pull a trade with mtrl for Nealon Greene lol. =)

Stranger things have happened. But Greene is more likey to end up in Winnipeg as a backup to Glenn.

Looking at the QB situation around the league. BC looks set with Dickinson, Pierce and Jackson, Edmonton with Ray, Lefors and Jyles, Calgary with Burris, McManus and Corley or Smith, Saskatchewan with Joseph, Crandell and Butler, Montreal with Cavillo, Palmer and Greene or Brady.
The Argos may yet pull a rabbit out of the hat, but if not it will be Bishop, Allen and Crouch.
That leaves Winnipeg and Hamilton looking for experienced backup QB’s. Nealon Greene or Brady, Brad Banks and Surgeon Wynn would seem to be the only ones available left.
So if Hamilton signs Banks, Winnipeg probably could get Brady or Greene from Montreal if they were willing to part with another #1 draft choice. Which is probably what Montreal had in mind when they picked up Greene and Brady. Sooner or later one of the weaker teams will get desperate and overpay for one of them.

ok people stop talking aboutn nealon greene he is terrible i think we will have to rough it out with bishop

Priners Just Resigned in KC..
He not Comming back .
The Chiefs have Ask him to Go Europe this year.

So no one will get him this year anyways..

Printers won't be coming to the Argos only if that his descision. If he decides, like Ricky Ray, he would rather play and probably earn more more doing it the Chiefs would release him.
But I think that Printers wants to play in the NFL period, and will bounce around there until nobody wants him.
IMO he is good enough to play there and I'm sure he thinks so as well.

Why not go to the draft? I can think of a few good names in college right now that would be out next year. Just stick it out with Allen until then.

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re-argos quarterbacking situation- Argos should make Bishop their Sarting QB, hes got a great arm and they have put all the time and effort into bringing him along, If they dont want him then Ticats should sign him, imho

Sounds like Bishop is going to play for Kansas City of the AFL after all. Wants to come back when their season is done in July. That will probably depend on what the Argos have come up with in the meantime. If its just Damon, Eric Crouch and another rookie newcomer they'll probably welcome him back for the stretch run.
Do I hear Doug Flutie's phone ringing... :lol:

cut bishop, he's had 4 years, dont re-sign damon, get rid of crouch or move him to safety, crouch is not a QB the last time he played was 2001, there are not enough reps to get him ready.