argos QBs : 1 down 4 to go

Tom Arth ( former backup to payton manning ) has been cut today.

this leaves:
Eric Crouch
Micheal Bishop
Mike McMahon
Damon Allen

Arth musta been pretty bad to be cut this early in camp.

Not necessarily bad; could just be that the others were so far ahead of him that it made sense to make the move now, to give the other 4 more quality time in practice and in the exhibition games. Hard to get a good reading on what your depth chart should be with a short TC and only 2 exhibition games if you have to split that time among 5 guys.

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The battle for the position of starting quarterback with the Argos won't be a five-man race after all when training camp opens today.

Following the conclusion of mini-camp on Friday, the Argos yesterday cut four players, including NFL refugee Tom Arth. With Arth out of the picture, one of Damon Allen, Michael Bishop, Eric Crouch or Mike McMahon will take the first snap when the Argos kick off the regular season June 28 at the Rogers Centre against the B.C. Lions.

"The decision ended up being based on overall athletic skills," general manager Adam Rita said.

"He threw the ball well enough. But if you look at the big picture, Bishop has been throwing the ball well and so has Damon. McMahon is, by far, better than Arth. It's now a four-man race. They all have experience, but Tom has the least. I hope someone picks him up."

crouch and mcmahon both threw INTs in todays pre-season game, and bishop looked effective, so thats gotta put damon allen and bishop ahead of the other 2 right now.

Who will be next to go.

id start mcmahon..hes seems to be learning the canadian game quickly, and at this rate, could be at dickenson or ray quality by week 4.

I have now changed my position somewhat, I would start McMahon, with Bishop as back up.
If Crouch cannot play and supposedly has a leg injury and will go on the DL, then by default Damon is the third string combination QB coach.
If Crouch is OK, then Damon goes into retirement as QB coach only.

Come on now,TO get rid of allen, no way. You will give up a good arm just to keep damon. You would think he has some dirt on pinball. The man needs to retire.

I have no way of knowing Damon's mind but
when a player's career screeches to a sudden halt

most players much rather prefer time on the couch
than doing hard time on the sidelines as coach.

Where is McMahon on the depth chart?

Pinball has him currently sitting third behind Allen and Bishop. Allen is to start Thursday